How to Satisfy Women? Know 3 Dark Sides of Women

learn how to satisfy women to fire them up

When it comes to learning how to satisfy women, most men have the wrong idea about how women are. Most men somehow make the wrong assumption of a woman being an innocent fragile angel, so we put her up on a pedestal.

I’m into putting your loved one up there in any way, because she is the one and only and should be treated like such one. However, don’t have the wrong ideas about what she wants and doesn’t want. How do you satisfy women is what most men want, and to accomplish this you need to know the dark sides of women

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Women Love Sex

Maybe the assumption about women and sex is different from men thoughts. However it’s the basic instincts of humans, when men were the hunters and women were the nurses. Men hunt sex and women protect it, and this should somehow mean men enjoy sex more than women.

This assumption is totally wrong and if you know how to be good in bed and had sex with a woman getting orgasm, getting one more and one more and her rocket is just taking off to the moon. You understand why women just love sex. I’m no Christian in any way, but if God really created humans, then he gave just a bit more to women on the sex issue (They got punished in so many other ways though).

Women’s anatomy is dedicated to sex in so many ways compared to men, I enjoy my male orgasm of course, but I would almost cut of a finger for just try one time to have multiple orgasms like women can. They have so many orgasm types compared to men.

Women are built for sex and they enjoy it, but the funny thing is women are also hard-wired to not just give sex away. The reason could be, one slip up and she is pregnant and she is doomed the next 18 years, and it also lies in the way society looks at women. A man is a stud if he knows how to seduce a woman, but if a woman does it she is a slut.

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Women are No Angels

Like I just stated, society will judge women to be sluts if they do things a man does. It is starting to change because of Paris Hilton, Kardashian and all the other useless reality stars who actually don’t provide anything to community, other than an adult home movie or so I have been told 🙂 (Yeah I have also seen those useless “movies”).

Most women are still judged and that means women protect their image and sexuality to keep their power on men. Men just try to their best to find ways to satisfy women. However, that’s the front end of things because in the back in, life isn’t as pretty and haven’t we all observed how ruthless and vindictive women can be?

Men mostly in worst case end up in a fight and maybe I’m romantic but one wins and the other understands this. Yes there are also a lot of wimps in today’s society who can’t accept they are beaten so they turn to weapons and bullshit. What those clowns will never understand is that they are like girls.

Girls don’t accept defeat either, so they go for the kill and try to ruin other girl’s life. Most times it’s because of something totally stupid like the other girl is pretty? (Back in the 1600’s century, women were burnt on the fire because of this reason and the excuse they used was the word, witch. Scary shit right?).

Women don’t like the image of being innocent, pure and like virgin Maria. How to attract women is best done by letting them know you’re aware of the double standard. After all, when women go out they do like to dress up very sexy instead of being dull.

Women are no angels and thank you God for this.



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Women Cheat

I know it doesn’t go for all women but I would like to state it goes for quite a lot of them. If you cannot satisfy women and they have tried a man who did, you are bound to be cheated on. Women got all the opportunity to have sex because men are the hunters, and men like to hunt. It’s in our nature so women get hit on a lot from men who either are trying to learn to satisfy women or know how to keep women.

I’m not judging anybody for cheating because there can be many reasons for doing it, and men do it too but that is well known. A woman cheating is not the common thing mainly because women know how to shut up to protect their image and men brag about doing a woman to boost his image.

However women cheat and it happens a lot, so if you don’t know how you satisfy women in the bedroom you better learn the steps to satisfy them very soon. You can check out this video about 3 things to do to give a woman mind-blowing orgasm if you want to learn the right way.


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