The 5 Ways How to Remove Nose Hair

how to remove nose hair

As men, we all have nose hair and we all have seen men with nose hair sticking out of their noses which seems quite embarrassing. It probably has made you wonder about your own nose and to be honest, most want to know how to be handsome?

Knowing how to remove nose hair is something we all have to know. It will be a practice you have to do at some time and that’s why you get to know the easy way how you remove hair from your nose.

Before Removing, You Need Washing

The first thing to do is to wash your nose, on the inside; and while that may sound unappealing, it’s important. This is the least painful part of removing nose hair because in all honesty, you can’t just start pulling out hairs randomly.

The reason why is simply because your nostrils should be clean before you start removing nose hair. You would use a wet cotton swab to clean the nasal passages. You could dab the cotton swab into unscented mild soap.

Location for Removing is Important

You don’t just want to remove hair anywhere, you want a suitable location.

The best place would ideally be the bathroom.

You want to be in front of a mirror and there needs to be lots of light too. It is important to see what you’re doing, since the nostrils is a difficult to access area. You may want to use a makeup / shaving mirror, but a mirror with lights would be the best.   You can also use a small flashlight to light up if there isn’t enough light.



use electric nose trimmer and not a scissor


The Best Solution is Electric

An electric nose trimmer is fit for the purpose to remove nose hair; it’s the best solution and it’s least painful especially if you have lots of hair. However, if you don’t have an electric trimmer, you can use small scissors to do the job.

Remove the Hair Without Pain

Begin to remove your nose hair but be careful not to go too far into the nose. There isn’t any real reason to do so and it can be harmful if you cut wrong. A good rule is you only have to remove the nose hair which can be viewed by others and yourself.

Cleaning Helps on the Fast and Easy Removal

When you’re finished with the removal of your nose hair, clean the scissors or the electric nose trimmer with water, so it is clean for next time. Clean your nostrils with water and use a new swab to remove any loose hair from the nostrils.

If you do not already feel it, I can tell you that you gained confidence and you feel more relaxed in front of others. Why, because you don’t have any nose hair sticking out of the nose anymore.


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