The Secret How to Read Body Language of Women

learn How to read body language of women

Communication is very important in our daily lives. We understand one another if we communicate with each other. Sometimes, you don’t need words to express how you really feel about something.You only need your body to convey what you want to tell to a certain someone. That’s right! Even when we opt not to talk, it seems that we are sending off “signals” subconsciously. This nonverbal communication is what you call body language. Even before, body language plays a serious role in the attraction of women.

Most men wanted to master the art of reading the female body language. They strongly believe that being able to interpret this language correctly will allow them to uncover if a woman is into them or not. In fact, it has been revealed by a study from Harvard that the body language is more reliable than spoken words since it’s very easy for people to say something insincere. However, female body language is very much open to free interpretation. Some might have translated better than the others, unfortunately, no man was ever known to be very fluent with this hidden language.

In this article, we will be sharing some secrets behind the women’s body language. Moreover, this article will help you read the meaning behind every woman’s movements – may it be subtle or bold.


You must pay attention to her gaze

you should get the tips to read a womans body language

A woman’s gaze gives you an initial clue as to whether she is interested in you or not. If she is attracted to you, she can’t help but gaze at you long enough. She would try to throw at you repeated eye contacts. If she wants you to approach, she would allow you to catch her giving you some of her special eye connections from across the room. Moreover, a direct eye to eye contact with an enticing smile is a clear invitation that she want you to come over.


 Look at her face

When you read the body language of a woman, watch her face. You can pick up a lot of hidden signals from her face since a woman’s face tends to become more animated when she’s interested in you. Look at her eyes, lips, eyebrows and eyelids. For example, dilated pupils and high blink rates are signs of a person who has an interest with the person they’re talking to. Moreover, if raised eyebrows are paired with a smile and a nod, it could mean that she agrees with what you are saying. It could also mean that they like what they are seeing. When a woman is excited or aroused, her lips tends to get drier. Thus, another subconscious way of a woman to draw your attention to her is by chewing or licking her lips while listening.


Take note of how she plays with her hair

In order to get the attention of the man she’s interested in, she would use her hair to give signals. She starts to flip and comb them gently. She twirls strands of it and gently run her fingers through it. Her hair could be her ultimate tool to flirt. However, quick jerky movements would give you an idea that she is getting embarrassed and impatient especially when paired with wandering eyes. This does not mean that you’re in a hopeless situation. It’s possible that you are just so aggressive, so you need to back off a little and make her feel at ease.


Pay attention to her body movements

Aside from her gaze and face, her body will give you some hints whether she’s interested in you or not.

If she is interested, she will tend to subconsciously lean her body towards you. For example, she would try to put her face on one or both hands and lean towards you while she’s listening. It is a scientific fact that all of us would tend to gravitate towards those we are comfortable with and attracted to most of the time.

Also, mirroring your movements could mean that she’s into you. Mirroring is an unconscious response in which we mimic the actions done by those people we are attracted to.

This could be an evidence that the two of you are getting well together and are ready for the next level- the courtship stage. For example, you may lean towards each other at the same time. However, lack of mirroring does not necessarily indicate a lack of attraction between the two of you. It just means that you haven’t reached that level of intimacy yet.


Be attentive of her fingers

Subconscious gestures like playing with her glass or her earrings and constant fiddling with her jewelry may send signals that she wants you.

These actions could also indicate that she’s nervous and excited at the same time. She considers playing things an outlet to that sexual tension. If she uses her fingers to caress her neck, her collarbones or lips – zones which are considered erogenous, then there’s a fat chance that she’s interested in you. This should be a great news!


Don’t forget to have a glimpse of her legs

a good sign of female attention is observing her legs

Most of the time, if a woman is interested in you, she tends to cross her legs. It is a more positive sign if she points her top leg towards you. To further draw your attention to her legs, she may start to stroke her lower thigh or smooth her pants.


Notice her reactions to your touch

Her reactions to your touch are another indicators of the progress you made. If she tries to make physical contact on her own like getting in your space and finding an excuse to touch you, then she is definitely interested in you. She would try to display her interest by touching every part of you that is accessible – your hand, forearm, your knee. She would dare to make some subtle flirty gestures like grazing her legs with yours on purpose while throwing you a very flirty smile.


Observe the way she giggles

Pay attention to the way she smiles, giggles or laughs when she is with you. Does she smile more often when she is in your company?

If your answer is a yes, then you should be happy because it’s a sure sign that she is comfortable. Those are positive signs of approval and interest. She might try her best to laugh as loud as she can and giggle even at the most pitiful jokes. Take note also of any boisterous behavior when you are in the same room. It’s an indication that she badly wants you to notice her.

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