How to Propose to a Girl: 10 Perfect Ideas Help You Make It

How to Propose to a Girl

Are you finally ready to ask her the big question? Perhaps you bought the ring already but you’re struggling not just to keep it a secret but to find the perfect way to propose. For most women, the proposal is just as important as their wedding – it has to go perfectly, without a hitch, and it absolutely MUST be a surprise.

Unfortunately for many men, finding the perfect way to propose is a daunting task since it involves both creativity and a level of romance that many might not possess. Don’t worry, fellas, it’s natural to be stumped by giving her the picture-perfect proposal, so this list should help you formulate some ideas on how to pop the question.

1. On Top of a Mountain

If you and your future wife (fingers crossed) like the outdoors and often plan trips to the mountains together, then you’ll both love a mountaintop proposal. You can spice up the proposal by having a couple of friends hike up the mountain a few hours/days before your arrival and have them set up camp and signs. By the time you and your beloved reach your destination, everything will already be waiting for you. All you have to do is get down on your knee and propose. Hopefully, she won’t be too tired from the hike to jump up and down in joy.

2. At the Beach

One of the best things about beaches is that you won’t need to do much to make it a romantic setting. Plan a day at the beach during the late afternoon to the early night when the fireflies make their way out and pop the question. Of course, there might be a few curious onlookers who will watch intently as you get down on your knee, but it will add to the romance and the spontaneity of the entire ordeal. Whether you want to have a dip in the waters before proposing is up to you.

3. In the Woods

If you plan on proposing to her in the woods, be sure that there won’t be any scary disturbances in the area (e.g. bears, wolves, boogeymen). After setting up camp and your fire pit, wait a few hours until the sun has fallen and the only other sounds in the forests are chirping birds, insects, and the crackling of smoldering kindling. When everything is calm and you’re both getting ready to settle in for the night, that would be the most opportune time to take the ring out, drop down to your knee, and ask her to make you the happiest man in the world.

4. Where You First Met/Kissed/Had Your First Date

Where You First Met/Kissed/Had Your First Date

If you have the brainpower to remember where you and your girlfriend reached your first significant milestone in your relationship, try and recreate that moment with her right before proposing. The location alone should bring back fond memories that you both shared as a couple, and it should also serve as a reminder that from back then until now, nothing that you experienced together has ever pushed you apart. When there’s nothing left to do but pop the question, she’ll have no reason to say no. However, if your first real date/kiss/meet-up took place in an unromantic location such as McDonald’s, perhaps try and find another meaningful spot to do it in.

5. At a Sports Arena

It may sound cliché but it’s a classic for a reason. If your girlfriend has ever criticized you for being too reserved and unwilling to make a fool of yourself from time to time, popping the question at a sports arena is definitely the place to do it in. You can ask for help from the arena’s committee to put up a brief image or video on the jumbotron that asks the question for you, or you can drop down on your knee during half-time and ask her amidst a group of other sports fans. However you end up doing it, it’ll most likely be one of the most memorable and fond memories you’ll have. Unless you’re this couple.

6. Underwater

Planning a proposal while submerged underwater might be a little bit tricky, especially if you need your future-wife to walk through the aquarium part of a zoo. Ask a friend or family member to come with you and invite her to a tour of the sea animals and make a quick pass through the aquariums. You might need to spend a little cash to rent a scuba suit and write a message on a waterproof board. However, her priceless reaction will definitely be worth the time and effort spent on this creative proposal.

7. Gamer Proposal

To get this to work, both you and your significant other must be gamers. Imagine proposing to your girlfriend with a Kokiri emerald ring from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If she’s not a gamer, she probably wouldn’t appreciate the homage you’re paying to one of the most popular games of all time. Anyways, if you and your girlfriend are both gamers, try and find a video game-inspired ring to propose with. You can put the ring in a neat little ring box with the design of the game of which the ring came from. It’s cute and it’s a neat way to express your eternal love bound by one very significant similarity.

8. During a Romantic Holiday

Arguably, the most romantic holiday of the year is Valentine’s Day, but this doesn’t mean that Christmas time, Thanksgiving, or even President’s Day don’t have any romance in them. You can plan to do your proposal on one of the major holidays as a surprise to your girlfriend. Perhaps you want to employ the help of friends or family, or maybe you just want to do it yourself. However you go about planning your proposal, make sure that you make the day as romantic and memorable as possible. Perhaps a fine glass of wine or a hearty dinner will help set the mood.

9. With the Help of a Police Officer

Even though police officers protect and serve the community, there’s no doubt that dealing with one, even if they’re assisting you, can be a bit scary. You can use the fear of dealing with the police to give your future-wife the surprise of a lifetime. One way of proposing with the help of the police is by having an officer pull you over for any misdemeanor crime while your girlfriend sits in the passenger seat. As they search and frisk you, have the officer ask her to step out of the vehicle to induce some feat into her. As she’s on the verge of wetting her pants (maybe now you’re in handcuffs?), have the officer record you with a Smartphone while you drop to one knee and ask her to be your wife. This should cause a few tears to fall from her eyes.

10. Through a Newspaper Ad

Last but not least, one way to get the attention of your girlfriend is by renting ad space in your local newspaper. Make it as large or as tiny as you want (or can afford) and make sure that she spends the morning before flipping through its pages. You can let the entire world know that you’re proposing to your girlfriend, and it’ll definitely be a surprise if her friends comment her on it when she meets them at work. Of course, this will only work if she has a habit of reading the newspaper. The worst thing that could happen is that one of her work friends lets her know before she gets a chance to read the ad herself.

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