5 Ways How to Prevent Contact with Your Ex

How to Prevent Contact with Your Ex

The most common thing for somebody who just got jumped is establishing contact with the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to get him or her back again. This is not the best way to do things especially if you want to get him or her back again. Why, because her or his opinion about you right now is mostly negative. What you want your ex to think is positive things; for instance, you want them to think about how much they will miss you.

You can even ensure your ex is a little jealous how you are moving on. Sometimes, you can stay friends with the ex but that isn’t always the best ideas at times. You know, there are times when two people who are in a relation and break up, can remain friends. It’s possible and it does happen but that happens in a very special occasion. Sometimes, it gets very ugly.

Here you get some ways how to prevent contact with your ex after the breakup for the purpose to get your ex back again.


Delete Your Ex Number

delete your ex girlfriends number to prevent calling her

Getting rid of your ex phone number will prevent you from calling or sending text messages constantly. If you already have your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend’s number memorized then, this isn’t for you. However, it’s still a good tip to consider.


No Stimulations

After a breakup it can seem normal to give alcohol a go but what will ruin your self-control is alcohol. We as humans do stupid things when using alcohol or even drug and that includes writing stupid text messages or making a phone call.


dont use stimulations after a breakup

Get Rid of Memories

This might seem very hard but removing all items of your ex will remove some of the memories that keep reminding you of her or him. Just remove some of the urge you get to phone her.

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You Need to Get Active

You need to pick up a hobby that can kill the time. If you also got angry because of being dumped you should pick up on exercising a lot which will get rid of some of the anger. Physical activity is also useful if you got a bit sloppy in the relationship and forgot to keep in shape. You changing your physical appearance is a way to become more attractive to get your ex back.


Change Things

If you want to know more about the no contact rules and how to use this together with the ways how to get your girlfriend back, you should get the free book – ex attraction secrets which is something you can start using in very few seconds.

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