How to Pleasure your Woman? Say the Right Things

how to pleasure your woman

If you want to know how to pleasure your woman, you should know the right things to say when she is naked in bed. Most women have problems with their body especially when they’re naked in front of you.

Women need to be relaxed and feel safe to let go of themselves. If you want to know how to pleasure your girlfriend in bed, you should take a look at these facts:

  • The most common problem for women in achieving an orgasm comes from psychological nature.
  • 10-15% of American women never experienced having an orgasm
  • There are some reasons for sexual failure like sexual ignorance, anxiety and fear of letting go that do only around 35% females will orgasm during intercourse.
  • She believes the way she acts, will impact how she behaves during, experiences and reports her orgasmic event.
  • A psychologically comfortable during sex will enhance a woman’s chances of having orgasm.

If you consider these facts no matter if you are an experienced guy who knows how to turn on your woman or un-experienced guy who cannot pleasure your girl, you might think women are tough to make orgasm. However, even though those numbers sound a bit tricky. It is “easy” to make a woman having revolutionary sex and make her love you for giving her pleasure.

If you consider the fact the most common problem for women is psychological nature. It basically means that sex starts in your head and it also ends in your head. You can read my article How to be good in bed by knowing sex is all in the head which explain sex is controlled by your brain. How do you pleasure your woman and make her adore you for being the best sex she ever had?

Try to read the facts again. The problem for women is:

  1. Psychological nature which means she have trouble letting go
  2. Because of anxiety of how she believe she should act
  3. The solution is she should be psychologically comfortable before she can have orgasm.

This means you need to make her relaxed, make her comfortable and make her feel good so she let go of herself. This is basically just a skill you can learn by saying and do the right things.

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What to Say to Make Her Let Go

how to pleasure this womanTo make a woman and especially a naked woman comfortable, is letting her feel great about herself. The reason for this is that most women have insecurities about themselves and when they are naked they will feel even more vulnerable.

The best way to her pleasure is by complimenting her physical appearance. Women are sensitive about their belly’s and don’t exaggerate because she will sense it. Complimenting her belly can make her feel really great about herself, and if she is naked in front of you then put your hands on her hips, bend down and kiss and smell her belly slowly and say, “I just love you sexy belly, the smell and taste of it makes me so damn horny”

Doing this also shows you know how to treasure your woman for being a woman. Women are also very sensitive towards their tits and love compliment about these, and showing you simply love the shape, taste and feeling about her tits will make her feel great about herself.

Basically you give compliments, touches and actions that make her relax and make her feel sexy. If she feels sexy she will let go and make her crave for being adored and used. You should read our article “How you pleasure a woman to orgasm orally” that explain step by step how to make her come and this is the best way how to eat out your woman.

These steps to pleasure women should be used every time you have sex. Build on to make your sexual connection even better, and she will crave for more. Check out this video about how you give great orgasm to a woman: Check out video about revolutionary sex


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