The way How to Pick up Women at a Bar

How to Pick up Women at a Bar

Do you ever face problems how to pick up girl? Do you want to know how to pick up women at a bar? Have you tried every pick up line, stupid magic trick or maybe working your ass off on the dance floor trying to pick up a woman at the club, but just meet failure upon failure?

You probably have because most men have and its quite natural being unsuccessful with pickups at a bar. It’s a lot harder trying to pick up a woman at the bar unless she is very drunk. This is because of the simple reason women get approached by a lot of men and they are used to saying ‘no’ to men who try to pick up a woman quite a lot.

Even though I just stated it’s harder to seduce a woman at the bar compared to seducing a woman in supermarket, it can be done. If you master the art of approaching women fearlessly at the clubs or bars then you will also have success anywhere without even trying lame tricks for picking up women. Read on how to pick up women at bars and clubs.


The Biggest Pick up Mistake at Bars

Most men see the beautiful women around the club and try to go for the win on the first approach, by going from the Hello to asking for her number in one attempt. It shows some confidence but this isn’t the best way to pick up a woman. In most cases, women turn the approach down because a man doing this will seem desperate. You will come off as interested in her without she has to do anything besides just stand there.

To attract girls you should build the attraction. This is all about making yourself a challenge so the woman will wonder if you’re interested in her or not. It is a great way to build the attraction because now she actually has to do something to get your attention. To do this at first approach, go up to her and talk with her shortly without hitting on her like most men do. Talk casual with her and then walk away.

Then go and talk to somebody else for 20 minutes and return back to the girl. If you have problems with pick up conversation you should read my article, Things to talk about with a girl to get this issue sorted.

The second time you approach her, she probably will be a bit curious why you didn’t hit on her like most men do. She will be wondering why you didn’t ask for her number on the first attempt and will wonder now how she should get your attention.

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Use a Little Trick to Seduce a Woman

To get how to pick up ladies at the bar nailed, you could use jealousy as a trick to make things happen. Most people, if they are interested in another person, will feel jealous if you are with someone else.

If you walk away from the girl again after the second approach and she feels any interest in you, she will feel jealous seeing you with another woman. This will defiantly make her pursue you now instead of you doing the chasing. This is a nice little trick you could use around but don’t let girls know you use it, because they will not like it.


use jealousy to get women at a bar


Taking Things Further with Her

Now she probably will try to approach you, so do something with her like dancing, playing pool or other stuff so she get used to be with you. You should talk the entire time because this creates kind of a bond.

To take things further you could go all the way, but if you want to see this girl more than once you should be aware a lot of women feel guilt being a naughty girl making one night stands. They tend to grow rather cold to the particular man after the one night stand.

Instead look at getting her number and make arrangements to contact next day. This way you have the opportunity to be with the woman more than one time and wouldn’t you prefer this?

The above is a nice way how to pick up women at a bar. If you want the easy way to be with women instead of just dreaming about all those hot, nice and sweet women, sign up below and receive the best books and tips which explain what you should do to be with those women instead of just dreaming.

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