How to Pick Up a Girl on New Year’s Eve

Most people secretly hope for that kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. It is a passionate tradition to bring in luck for the New Year. Almost anyone who is single uses this night to meet someone special. The ritual could begin a new relationship, or at least create a spectacular memory. As drinks flow, people loosen up, the countdown begins.   So, how do you get in on the action?

Move Quicker

What do woman want when it comes to this night? While every woman is different, it is still a rare night where a stranger may actually allow you to kiss them at midnight. Most women are more open to action moving quicker on New Year’s Eve.  Chances are if you don’t, she might think you are not interested and look for another guy fast.  The party is now; everyone wants to have fun, so step up your flirt and game.


The approach to this is created before the festivities even begin. For example, before you even go out have your transportation home planned. You can never underestimate the power of assigning a designated driver and one empty seat on New Year’s Eve. Remember, taxi services are going to be busy, don’t be left hanging with your girl on the sidewalk, she may get bored or tired and leave.

Pick Up a Girl

If you do hook up with a girl, you are going to need to know the logistics of her situation right away. You will want to know who she came with, or her commitment to later on. Is she the driver or is there more friends sticking around? As well, if you are going to invite an after-party back to your place, make sure you did a pre-stocking of party favors and cleaned your place.  The after-party is a perfect opening for picking up the girl you want. Simply suggest the party and you will know right away if this is going to be a possibility.

The Party

The bigger the venue or party, the better the chances are. Stay at this party the whole night.  Flirting events tend to favor those who look familiar and have been social most of the night. Women who you talked to earlier will gravitate back to you as you become more socially recognizable.

Pace Yourself

New Year’s Eve is a long party night, so pace your drinks.  We have all seen the one guy (or girl) who got a head start on festivities and ran with it—right into blackout before midnight. Don’t be that guy. Keep your game by keeping your head.  You want to talk to as many girls as possible throughout the night, so when midnight is approaching they are already familiar with you. Be approachable. By smiling and engaging in conversation, you are more likely to capture a woman’s glance.

About Kisses

If you meet a girl and hit it off, there is no rule that says you have to wait until midnight to narrow in on the kiss. Perhaps this is the beginning of a great relationship in the New Year. If she is open and receptive, then begin the night early with that kiss; it only makes midnight that much sweeter.

If you are worried about not being kissed, look around. You will see the girl’s who are also not being kissed. Take the opportunity to simply walk by, smile and wish her a happy New Years and ask if you can give her a hug or kiss (most women will say yes on this night). Also, approach a woman who is smiling; see if you can maintain eye contact with you. If she does keep smiling and looking, go in for the hug or kiss.

One Final Word

New Year’s Eve is promising with welcome new moments made up of festive friends and strangers. Don’t mess it up. The worst thing you could do to not get a kiss or a date is to be borderline creepy with aggressiveness, touchy-feely moves, and slurring words.  Women do not like men getting closer than this, and acting obnoxious.

Be aware of personal space and hanging around too long. Act a little bit standoffish and don’t hover; let her miss your smile and jokes.  Move around like a panther, make eye contact, turn that one side of the smile up and relax.  Use your face to communicate sweet gestures from across the room, not your hands as she walks by. Be the guy women are admiring-chase them until they catch you.

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