The Secret How to Orally Pleasure a Woman to Orgasm

learn how you orally pleasure your woman

If you want to know how to orally pleasure a woman you need to be king of licking her down below. Though there are some women who don’t like to be licked for some reasons, most women do love if you do it to her.

Read on to get a step-to-step guide how to sexually pleasure a woman.


You Need to Love Her Sensitive Spot

For being the master how to orally turn on a woman, you have to love her thing between the legs and of course the rest of her also. If you hate or find it repulsive licking her down below then you will never learn how to pleasure your woman fully.

You have to LOVE doing it and you need to love the taste of her thing and her body. You need to find the smell of her the best you have ever smelled. If you think like this then you are halfway to be master of licking her thing down under. Being good at this is a damn fine way to know how to orally pleasure someone.


Know your Way around Her Sensitive Spot

Besides you need to love her sensitive spot, you also need to know you way around the woman’s body. To make things worse, all women are actually a bit different in the way they prefer things. To know your way around a woman’s body you need to use your ears, eyes, hands and feel what she is into and what she dislikes. This is very vital even before you come to the issue to orally pleasure your woman.

You need her to relax and feel safe for her to feel the pleasure without anything else on her mind, and this is done by being slow, gentle and sensitive.

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learn how to please your woman orally

Make it Comfortable for Both of You

Make sure you have room to navigate around her. Make sure the woman is lying comfortable because it can take some time, and if she isn’t comfortable you’re are in for it all night and you really want to avoid this. Every man who enjoys licking a woman between her legs knows there is a minor thing that can be a bitch about it, neck pain. If it is going to take forever, you really are going to cramp up your neck.

To avoid this, you could put a pillow under her behind so she is lifted up a bit, or place her so you can sit on the floor.


Open Her Slowly

How do you orally pleasure a woman then? The best advice is for her to anticipate what is going to happen. Proceed slowly and by that – I mean REALLY slowly(don’t be aroused between your legs). Don’t start by licking her tits, ass or the main thing because you want to use your technique to orally tease a woman so she gets very excited.

Start out by kissing her on the mouth gently for a while, then proceed slowly down and kiss her neck. A lot of women really are sensitive at their neck, so kiss her here for a while gently and let her anticipate things.

Go slowly down and kiss her between (only between) the tits and kiss your way down to her belly. Work your way around on her belly and let her feel and hear you love the taste and smell of her fine belly.

Let her anticipate a bit about you kissing her tits while your kissing her belly, and move up kissing her body slowly and then kiss her tits on the bottom and work your way to the outside of the tits and kiss her tits here, not on the nipples. Proceed to her back, legs, feet and rest of body also without kissing the ass, tits and between her legs almost tantric way.

The whole point about this is opening her slowly and let her desire build up. Take your time and work your way around her body by showing you desire her, and you want to eat her all over. More time spent on this will make her come faster usually and it also shows you know how to touch a woman. When you sense she really want you to kiss her tits, ass and so on you should tease her a bit by letting her think you kiss these spots but then break off and kiss somewhere else.

What to remember is, to show you LOVE her body, and if you fake it she is going to notice and this is not a good way how you satisfy women.



how to orally pleasure an aroused woman

Lick Her between the Legs

You will know when she is ready for you to lick her between the legs. The best way to how to pleasure your woman is when she begs you to do it because then she is definitely ready. When she is ready, you proceed slowly by kissing around the main thing. Kiss all the way around and tease her by letting your tongue lick up and down on both outer sides of the pussy. Remember being slow and taking your time is a good thing.

Work your way in slowly by licking the outer side of the pussy and let her get used to it. Remember to be gentle so she opens up naturally for you, this is going to be done slowly and very slowly.

Now you should be feeling she is starting to enjoy her desire, but remember before you work your way into the core, that women are different and some women are extreme sensitive on clitoris. If you have doubts which you shouldn’t because if you are slow and gentle she will make noises of pleasure but otherwise you should ask her in a teasing way. Remember to ask like a confident man that knows how to be good in bed, otherwise she will lose the desire you built inside her.

After a while when she is very hot, you could put a finger into her. If she is not wet use spit and proceeds slowly doing with this. You have to rub her g-spot while you lick her pussy. Remember this is about you showing that you love her body, so use your hands to feel her entire body. Rub up and down on her legs, belly or play with her tits while you lick.

When you can feel she is totally built up, you can start licking directly on her clitoris and when you have found the speed and weight she likes, continue doing it after she seems to have come. She will let you know when to stop.

This is a great way to know how to orally pleasure a woman, because if you can lick your woman to orgasm and you love it, sex just becomes more fun for the both of you.

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