How to Make a Girl Interested in You by Avoiding Compliments

how to make a woman interested in youHow to make a girl interested in you is best done by avoiding compliments! You probably think I’m totally dumb writing this right? I know it sounds totally stupid because everybody knows the best way to get girls to like you, is by giving a compliment.

If you ask any girl how to get a girl you like they tell you straight up you should complement her. Not only give her a compliment but you should use a machine gun and shoot compliments to all sides.

Funny thing about this is women love compliments because if you tell a woman she is sexy or has beautiful eyes, it will make her happy and it will also reassure her that she is special to you. She believes you value her highly no matter if you make compliments over text, Facebook or face to face.

However, what you actually are saying is she has more social value and the power structure is in her courtyard. Of course if you’re in a relationship you need to work on how to make a girlfriend interested in you and you should give compliments. There is no doubt about it, but only if you have the upper hand even in a relationship.

Giving women compliments don’t stir the female attractiveness scale in any way, it is basically only empty words that make her happy not horny. You can ask any women out there about it and they will still say the way to make a girl interested in you is by giving compliments and that I’m full of it. However, how many women have become instantly horny because you said they had pretty eyes?

It usually takes a bit more to build sexual tension. For women saying men should just shot with compliments, I have to say women really are illogical. Women want a nice sweet, innocent guy but when they get him, he is boring and predictable, illogical? Maybe that’s why we love them 🙂


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How to Make a Female Interested in You

Look at women’s actions and responses to what they really want. Imagine you are a hot woman, a really knockout dead gorgeous woman any man would cut off both his arms just to be allowed to smell her hair (you get the point I hope).

You are this sexy girl and you can get any man you want. All men are ready to do anything just to be in your present. You get a lot of compliments every day from several guys who think they know all dating tips there is. What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

A guy who doesn’t know you, come up and start talking like he is in love with you. It sounds a bit boring, because every man does the same exact thing every day. You know you are sexy and you know those men only want to shag you, it doesn’t rock your attraction inside you, after all, those men haven’t putted a lot of effort into it.

Maybe it isn’t the best example, I let you be the judge but I bet you understand the point. Get a girl interested in you then give compliments but you should let her work for it. Tease her first for a way of attracting a woman which will make you build the attraction so she wants you to give her a compliment because she is into you.

When you do give a compliment be creative and don’t tell her what a drop gorgeous woman she is. Don’t tell her how sexy she is either, she already knows and what she wants is a man who doesn’t ask himself the question, “how to make a girl interested in me” because he already knows how to. If you want to know not only how to attract a woman, but also flirt, tease, seduce and sleep with her, you can get this information totally free right now.

Why go through life dreaming about being with all those wonderful sexy women out there, if all it takes is knowledge and practice?

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