How to Kiss a Girl the Right Sexually Way

know how to kiss a girl the sexually way

Majority of guys usually find it hard to kiss a girl and turn them on sexually. How to kiss a girl the right sexually way is and will always be the dream of any man. You perhaps have always wished to kiss your girl to the point where she wants you to take her or repeat the same.

I have most of the time read the questions that men ask and deeply want to learn and understand, kissing a girl in a romantic style that will arouse every part in her body and cause you to feel smooth.

The truth is that kissing is essential and good and it becomes sweeter when it is done in the correct way. Unfortunately, many men fail or find it difficult to kiss a woman in the sexual way they need and are left to wonder what went wrong with them.

Do you want to know how to kiss that beautiful girl you have been dating and let her never forget? Today I give you tips that will make you change your styles and make it better and it is a great way to seduce a woman.


Freshen up your mouth

Always ensure that before you go for the kiss or make a move to kiss any girl your mouth is well freshened, this is essential since it eliminates any bad breathe. You can fresh up your mouth through brushing your teeth every day; you can also buy some mouth fresheners like chewing gum or mints.

If you have a bad breath it will obviously ruin your good kissing. Embrace your partner by avoiding any meals that will make you have a bad breath like meals comprising ginger or garlic.

Having a good breath will always increase your confidence and make you kiss your girl without any fears.


Touch the girl in a sexy way that will lead to the kiss

  • Try to hold and touch the arm of your girl when talking to her.
  • Let your hand touch hers, you can even stare at her jewelry.
  • Touch the sides of her face
  • Touch her hair and tease her about the hair, you can comment any funny but romantic words on her hair, if you do not want this you can become tactful and ask her questions like if the hair is natural or she wears it, has she ever had a long hair .
  • By doing this you shall be trying to set the avenue for a sexual kiss.


Read the body language of your partner

For you to kiss your girl in the best sexual way, then you will need to read her body language to determine if she is ready for the kiss, this will always turn her on and make you become a good kisser.

  • Does she lean towards you?
  • Look at her eyes; does she maintain eye contact, stares at you flirtatiously?
  • When she seems to be ready for your kiss, never rush, you want to accomplish your mission very perfectly.


Develop an anticipation

  • Your partner must be a bit quivering before your lips touch her. Just lean close to her, make your mouth be very near to her but do not go ahead and kiss her, stop for some seconds. Let your breath touch her lips.
  • In case she leans forward trying to kiss you, simply move back a bit to make your lips stay some distance away from hers.
  • Tease her this way for some seconds even for as long as ten seconds to create anticipation.


Start lightly

Many guys make a serious mistake of being rush, they quickly go towards a woman’s lips , their mouths . This lack of control in kissing is what makes your woman feel unease and never get turned on sexually. This is always annoying to the girl.

However, start lightly by kissing her lips. Take this as nibbling her lips , kiss one of her lips each time , avoid sucking her whole mouth in to yours like the way new kissers do. Slowly and lightly kiss her lower lip then lightly kiss her upper lip. At this point the lady may be craving to suck your mouth but do not let her do so.


Always wait until the time she becomes almost desperate to kiss you passionately

This is always difficult to be build up, it needs you to have developed her emotions well, if you rushed for the kiss, then she will not develop the strong desire to kiss you passionately, but you need to know that some girls do not love passionate kissing but are just plain and simple.

However, if your girl loves passionate kissing then you need to wait for them to attain the levels before you start the kissing. When the girl attains that state she will begin moaning and you with her hands while kissing you faster and deep. This is then your time to dive in.


the right way to kiss your girl lead to more


Start kissing her          

Once you have made her burst in to the levels by kissing her lightly for three seconds now it is time for you to open your mouth and deeply suck her lips. I am very sure you wanted to kiss her right on the way, but a good kisser is one who takes some couple of seconds before kissing.

So how do you start to kiss her?

You do this by kissing her with your mouth wide open, you open and close your mouth as you kiss her passionately.


Change where and how you kiss her

You should not kiss her open mouth all the time since this becomes boring. How to turn on the girl sexually through kissing needs you to vary things up, you can kiss her open mouth, kiss her lips and even biting her lips a bit.

  • Kiss her lips deeply and passionately, during kissing her, kiss her for different lengths of time, but do not move from one kiss to another rapidly. At the same time do not spend time on one kiss for a long time.
  • You can also change the head position during kissing. You can tilt your head to the left and hers to the left. You can change your head different times, even 5 to 6 seconds.


Make use of your hands

While kissing her, use your hands to frame the kiss, you can touch the sides of her face , gently touching her hair and swiping it behind, you can stroke softly the back of her neck while you continue kissing her.

Knowing how to kiss a girl sexually the right way is the key thing if you want to get some quick sex, many men get rejected by women since they do it the wrong way or have no clue on how to kiss a girl sexually the right way. Some rush and make kissing become unnatural.

Follow the above tips on what to do to kiss a girl sexually and you will begin seducing lots of women in to bed.

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