How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Again?

how to get your ex girlfriend back again

Yes your girlfriend left you and it sucks. You might consider boozing all day or pigging out with junk food sitting in front of the television feeling sorry for yourself?

That is a quite normal reaction when an ex girlfriend dumps a man, but since you’re reading this you are thinking about a solution to this situation. You probably wouldn’t be looking for a way how to get your ex girlfriend back again if you didn’t still care for her.

You have to remember, people handle things differently. However, one thing that’s sure to happen, is most men after they’ve been dumped by their girlfriend is they want her back again. How to get your ex-girlfriend back?

If you haven’t you should read my articles which you find in the ex back tips category. Read all the articles because is it plausible you two should be reunited again or not? You need to address this fact.




First Step to Get You ex Girlfriend Back Again

First things besides finding the reason for why she left is getting your life back on track again. You need to start becoming the man she once fell in love with no matter how you put it, there was a reason she left. There was a reason why the attraction towards you vanished and if not, it may simply be because you became a lazy guy.

You need to recover emotionally so you’re not unstable, needy and desperate. All these things are very unattractive to any woman and your ex girlfriend. Also, you need to improve yourself inside and outside. If you have a lack of confidence, you need to build on this so you improve the area of your personality for both you and your ex girlfriend.

Confidence is one of the things women consider being attractive in a man, and being attractive is something your ex girlfriend wants in a boyfriend. Confidence is a must.

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change yourself to get your ex girl back again


Take Care of Yourself

Women are not sexual attracted to a guy who looks and handle himself like shit. This might not be what your mom, sister or girlfriends are saying out loud but sexual attraction is what you sense and see in another person. Women are no different from men even though we are more primitive creatures regarding what attracts us.

If you want to be attractive fast, you need to shed those extra pounds on the belly. Get some muscles and start cutting your hair, and of course, wash yourself! Generally taking care of your physically appearance is a must because it attracts a woman.

Starting doing some physical activity will not only make you lose weight, but shape your muscles and body. You will soon start feeling great about yourself and this will boost your confidence.

Check out the resource page for good programs to change these things, or simply go for the best selling Truth about abs program right here. You should also read this great article from Art of Manliness which is about how strategic meal skipping can help you become healthy while building muscles and lose weight.

Why you should do all these things? Simply because women will judge you very fast if they are attracted or not and to prove my point you can check out some reasons why women will reject a man from

Bad Presentation

In the age of the metrosexual where clean cut and well maintained men region supreme hygiene is important. They tend to make a decision on whether they will date a man within the first 10 seconds of seeing a male.

First impressions start with appearance so make sure that you hygiene is up to par. Clean teeth are essential, a clear sign that a man looks after themselves.

If you are a smoker or heavy coffee drinker make an extra effort to remove the stains from your teeth to keep them nice and white. Foul breath is also a massive turn off for women. Make sure you keep breath mints or minty chewing gum on you when talking to a woman. Hair is also important and needs to be well maintained in order to avoid the big ‘no.’

Everyone has a different hairstyle and it’s entirely up to you how you style your hair but make sure it’s clean. Above all make sure you are fresh and smelling clean. No one likes the guy that has overwhelming body odor  If you sweat a lot make sure you have a proper shower and bath before stepping out combined with healthy amounts of anti-persperant and aftershave.

If you start changing by taking care of your body and your appearance in general then your ex-girlfriend will notice you have started to improve yourself. When you’re starting to improve she will notice other girls will notice you which make a female change reaction of attraction. Most women want the man other women wants.

The right alpha male attitude is a fun, mature, confident, independent guy who knows his own value. These attitudes are all good things to have, not only to get your ex-girlfriend back but good to get all women:

  • Stop Being Jealous.
  • Don’t Be Needy.
  • Be Fun and Relaxed Even When you’re not.
  • Don’t Take Everything Too Damn Serious.

Take Action to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Again

When you are a serious man who has sexual desires you can start on hitting on your ex girlfriend like you once did, just do it even better. If you don’t have any romantic or creative ideas watch the corny love movies and try out some of those things most men find ridiculous. Send your ex girlfriend a love letter which will make her heart melt and her blood pump (the good way).

Send a small gift like a bunch of flowers and don’t be pushy. Whenever, if ever, you make a connection to the ex you may want to think about telling her your feelings. Check out the advice for doing so from wikihow:

Tell her you still have feelings for her. Once you’ve apologized and become her friend again, you can finally tell her you want her back. Try to pick a romantic spot to do this, and try to tell her when it’s just you two. It dont hurt if you’re looking your best.

Be honest about how you feel, within reason. Don’t tell her what she might have done wrong in the relationship. Instead, focus on you. Let her know that you’ve thought a lot about where things went wrong, and show her all the ways in which you’ve changed. Tell her how you’ve become more patient, more forgiving, more aware of your own shortcomings, and be sure to back it up with action. If you say you’ve become more forgiving, be able to show her that you’re not as quick to point out other peoples’ faults.

You can say something like: “After we broke up, I realized I was looking for love in the wrong places. I realized that you gave me exactly what I need, and it’s really a shame that I had to realize that after we broke up. But I realize it now, and I’d be stupid not to try to get you back, because you’re exactly what I need.”

Or you can say something like: “You may not like it, but most of what I do now, I do it for you. You’ve made a better person. I understand what it means to care for someone now that I’ve been with you. I want to share that with you again, this time better. Because I can’t deny that I still have feelings for you. I’d be lying to myself and lying to the world.”

Assure her that you both can fix the issues that led to your breakup. Remember why you guys broke up in the first place, so you can learn from your own mistakes. Have a plan ready, and discuss that plan with her. It’s no use in getting back together if you go through the same issues all over again. If you didn’t listen to her feelings enough, be sure that you’re listening when you tell her you like her. If you didn’t get along with her friends, make an extra effort to get along with them. Have a plan to attack what’s likely to go wrong, and you’ll impress the socks off of her.

Try out this WikiHow Quiz to get your ex girlfriend back again and get some answers to why and how you can get your ex girlfriend in your life again. Beside this little quiz, there are lots of ideas to get your ex girlfriend back including changing little things in your life.

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