7 Tips How to Get Women to Approach You

How to Get Women to Approach You

Every man has wanted to seduce women especially when they see their friends being approached by women. Most men wonder how it is a women just suddenly approaches them because that doesn’t often happen especially with men who have little confidence.

Most guys out there want to learn the tips how to get women to approach you and also like you. You do not need to be very handsome to make women approach you, what you need to do is just change your personality by doing some pretty simple things that I am going to let you know.

Some men feel intimidated by women who approach men because it’s not how usually things go. How do you feel when you want to approach a woman? You must be feeling somehow uneasy, and you probably are asking yourself questions like:

  • Will She Refuse Me?
  • What Shall She Say?
  • How Shall I Feel When I Am Rejected?

Women that approach men also pass through the same experience and anxiety. So, any wise man that discovers this and wants women to approach him will look for the ways in which to get the women to approach him. The thing is how to be approachable.

The following approacing tips are some of the things to do to get women approach you.

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Make Eye Contact Before any Approaching

To be approachable you need a combination of key features. The most important one is to make eye contact. A woman will not approach you if she can’t make eye contact with you; she needs to see your eyes.

Making eye contact indicates and proves to the lady that you are not a shy person and you have the confidence in you. It’s what women look for in men.


if you want to be approached by women, you need to take action


Dress Well is Important For Women Approach You

If you want women to approach you then your outward appearance counts a lot. You will need to change the way you dress. Women do not like guys who look like they just rolled out of bed and who aren’t showered.

You need to look smart and handsome to linger the presence of the beautiful ladies close to you. You need to pay attention to your presentation; remember, how you look is one key thing.

You have to adjust and change your style of dress, grooming and your smell. Try to keep your hair short, your facial hair neatly trimmed and clean. Correct use of your deodorant will further make you to be more approachable than any other common guy with baggy clothes. Also, if you make sure your appearance is good; women will see you as a nice, approachable and friendlier person – Watch this video and learn how to become sexual appealing


Have a Nice Body Language to get Approached

Body language is a key aspect. It conveys information about the type of person both conscious and subconscious. So, if you want women to approach you, then you have to ensure you have the body language with you.

You should show that you are relaxed. In case you look tense and upset, you will make the people around you feel uncomfortable. If you feel relaxed, they will also feel relaxed. To ensure you feel relaxed you need to ensure you take a deep breath and hold it for some time then exhale out slowly.

Avoid showing slumped shoulders, crossed legs and arms; also avoid looking down on the floor. This tends to communicate the message “do not approach me”. Do not turn your shoulders away from someone or away from where the women are.


have a real smile to get womens attention


Have a Killing Smile for the Women

A smile is the best ways of making any woman approach you. I recall smiling to a beautiful girl that I was seated next to in a conference. At the end of the conference the girl came straight to me and greeted me, “Hi, I love your smile”. I had used the simplest tips to make any lady approach me.

Just a pleasant and relaxed smile in combination with eye contact is enough to make you appear approachable. You will need to practice this for some time just in case you find it hard to smile.

You can make eye contact with the woman and smile. When your eyes and hers meet, make eye contact and smile, if she smiles back then she would also be interested in you.


Provide Approach Invitations

If you want to let women know that it’s fine for them to come and talk to you, then offer an approach invitation. Women who want to be approached have a subtle way of showing their approachable signs; some make eye contact, a look away when you look at them, these are good signs. You need to make eye contact again and give a smile. So, a similar strategy can be applied if you want women to approach you – just make eye contact with her. Smile and show your body language that you are interested in her.

Show a visible sign like an eye brow flash, a head nod to confirm to her that she should come to where you are. Subtle signs work.


take action and seek solutions for success


Show Her an Opening

Recall the moments when you have seen a lady you have always been interested in. It can be in club or anywhere in fact; you have wished to talk to her but oh, she’s with her other friends.

Now you feel shy to go ahead, so you decide to wait until the moment when she will be alone. You wait, wait and wait but suddenly there is no time and she is never left alone. Every time she seems to be alone, someone gives her company.

You get disappointed and wait for the next moment, but she disappears and you never see her. Do you know the same way you feel concerning her is the same way she feels approaching you?

To make the woman approach you, you can offer an opening by detaching from your group a minute or so. You can buy a drink, check something you had seen or even just give yourself a short chance to allow the lady make a move towards you.

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Make Fun

You want to learn how to make women approach you? Then become a lover of fun and humorous activities. Women love jokes and men who are humorous and if you are the type of guy who is always laughing, dancing and enjoying yourself with others, then you will easily lure women towards you.


Through doing some of these ways, you will perhaps get lots of women approaching you and wanting to be close to you. However, just in case you find it not working, don’t be discouraged. The women, who gain the courage to approach you, are very rare and if you get the chance, use the opportunity wisely.


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