How to Get Over Being Shy

Get Over Being Shy

Shyness is proven to be a symptom of being uncomfortable with one’s character or physical appearance, and the majority of shy people desire to break away from the habit. To some of the shy people, it is a sign of ultimate judgment of oneself basing on other people’s standards, or thinking way too much of their weaknesses. The trait is more than a bad habit as it leads to low self-esteem and makes it tough to relate to other people.

Shyness is not limited to adults, but it is a trait common among kids. Children transferring to schools especially after 6th grade also tend to suffer from the problem. Besides, when kids often make fun of a given aspect of another child’s life, the victim retreat to themselves as their self esteem is injured resulting into shyness. Such kids prefer keeping things to themselves than facing rejection. The trait can be developed over a short period but can take years and lots of effort to break away from.

Below are five simple steps one can practice to break away from shyness.

1. Understanding the roots of your shyness is the first step in walking away from the bad habit. Being shy should not be mistaken for being an introvert. Below are some of the possible courses of shyness.

Having a weak self-image, which could be caused by over evaluating of oneself and constant comparison of one’s achievement or attributes to other people are some of the common causes among adults. Besides, tending to believe in other people’s compliments especially on the negative words people throw at you lead to shyness.

2. They say accepting one’s condition marks the beginning of their healing process. As such, it is important for you to accept your condition and start working on a way out. If people have been making negative comments about your size, start working on how to cut some weight and get comfortable and feel beautiful/handsome about your current size. The harder you try to resist the longer it will last either consciously or unconsciously. Embracing your shyness is a step in the right direction towards getting your freedom.

3. Work on figuring out what exactly triggers your shyness. Do you get shy when you are in the company of new people, when in front of a huge audience, or when learning a new skill? Some people get shy when they venture into the unknown world, or when they are in the company of individuals who admire them. Try and get the exact trigger of your shyness. Getting to know such triggers is a major step that forms a foundation on which other people can help you. Besides, you can work on your mental strength to face the triggers courageously, and no matter how many times you might slip or have a relapse, you will eventually win. Knowing the triggers gives you the strength to try and get several remedies of either overcoming or facing your demons with courage.

4. On getting the first three steps right, it is important you start conquering your battles mentally. Start visualizing your success. Close your eyes and start figuring out situations in which you have been shy before and start thinking and seeing yourself courageously facing the situation. Practice this for several situations, and you enhance your chances of overcoming your weakness. Some medics recommend practicing this on a daily basis, and before you know it, you finally overcome shyness in your life.  Besides, involve all your senses to make it as real as possible and make a decision to make your visuals a reality.

5. Finally, practice good posture whenever you are in public places. When you constantly show confidence to people, they tend to assume you are confident and they treat you with as such. Research has proven that we are often treated the way we feel, so if you feel unwanted and unappreciated, the world will treat you as such. Hence, when you have a feeling of being approachable, your body will reflect the same to people around you, and they will treat as such. Fooling your brain by posing well, (holding your head high) gives an authentic feeling which translates to confidence. Besides, it reduces stress and before you know it you overcome shyness.

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