How to Get a Six Pack at Home in 2016

If you are serious about getting those abs ripped be prepared to make sacrifices. Transformation comes from discipline, and commitment. The longer you wait to make the change, the more your authentic self will be held hostage waiting. Minimize this frustration by starting today.

The good news is you do not have to trample off to a gym to get great abs. If you have the opportunity to do so, this will expedite the process. The whole idea is to learn how to use your full body potential. While the abs is the main focus, you also want to work the rest of the body. By having the right training protocol, you will increase your resting metabolic rate; tone your abdominals, and burn calories.

Six Pack at Home

The Dynamics of Abs

Everybody has a six -pack waiting to happen under the layers of fat. The elusive six-pack is one sheet of muscle called the rectus abdominis. This muscle extends from your ribcage down to your pubic bone. The muscles specific to this area is your external obliques, internal obliques, and erector spinae.  These muscles work together to support your spine and form your core. The core is the muscular region which connects your upper body to lower body. You may have heard the core mentioned quite frequently in regards to exercise. This is because the body needs a strong core for dynamic movements; range of motion, and to prevent back pain. Ab training is not just a physical attribute for showing off, but a vital part of good health. A strong core will improve posture and create better performance in all movements.

Fat tends to store around the belly, so in order to see the results from abs training; you are going to need to work hard at lowering the body’s overall fat percentage. This means better eating habits and working the rest of the body.  The mistake people make often is to primarily focus on only the abs, and overdoing it. More is not always better. The way to build abdominal muscle is to keep reps fairly low and increase the resistance when the exercise becomes easier. Again, increase resistance, not reps.

Slow and Steady

If you are hitting the gym regularly, start your abs training with serious volume short-rest training. You want to build mass and get lean. For training purposes, start with 4 exercises at 4 sets and 12 reps minimum per body part. If you are at a fitness level where you can do 5 or 6 sets and not struggling, try to go further. Slow and steady progress will bring excellent results. Added weight and a large range of motion reps will produce deeper cuts in your abs, more so than any sit-ups will.

Don’t forget to work other parts of your body to burn calories and encourage fat loss. Hit legs on abs/cardio days, preferably every other day. Isolate each body part at the end of your exercise routine. The idea of isolation and upping the volume will create amazing results ending in ripped abs.

Focus on Eating Correctly

This is a vital component to successfully getting a six pack. As mentioned, the muscle you are trying to develop lies underneath the belly fat pads. Your eating habits are going to need serious discipline. Don’t try to cut carbohydrates, instead opt to burn them. This is another mistake people will make when trying to get toned and lose weight. They drop carbs way too fast and too much which saps energy and creates the ‘skinny fat’ syndrome instead of good fat burning. You will need to raise your protein to an additional 50-60 grams per day and increase amino acids intake to 10-20 grams. This can be mastered with raising veggie and fruit intake. Resist the urge for fried or processed foods, and sugar laden drinks. Also consider eating 5 small healthy meals a day to maintain energy and curb the appetite.

The biggest winner in getting your abs ripped is your attitude and your approach to food and exercise.  Sometimes you will have a bad day, everyone does. Just jump back in and continue. As long as you are diligent and moving forward, results will happen.  When you begin to see the transformation in your body, your confidence will take you all the way. Remember, it is not all about abs training,  exercise is the key to mastering your life.

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