How To Get a Hot Girlfriend: Follow This Advice

Hot Girlfriend

Getting a hot girlfriend isn’t as hard as it may seem. When we see average looking men with hot girlfriends we automatically assume that he must be rich. While that may be the case at times, more often than not it isn’t about the money. You don’t have to look like a movie start to land a hot girlfriend, as long as you have game, you can land any girl you want. We have advice that will ensure you do.

Know how to present yourself

Looks are very subjective, what some may find hot others may not. Same is the case with the preference of hot girls, their preferences vary so never count yourself out. To ensure you have a chance, you need to be able to present yourself. Don’t just throw on a t-shirt and torn jeans and expect to get the attention of a girl. You need to dress to impress, this doesn’t necessarily mean suit up. You can be casual yet still presentable. Make sure you iron your clothes, wear nothing torn, have polished shoes before you go out. Wearing clothes that you know look good on you will add to your confidence also.

Humor can go a long way

No one likes a clown, so when we refer to humor, it doesn’t mean telling every single joke that pops into your head. You need to be tactful with your humor and wit. But nothing gets a girl more attracted to a man than her knowing he can make her laugh. Humor allows you to break the ice and keep conversations interesting. Make sure you don’t dumb the humor down either, make sure it is intellectual and not for kids. Now, you understand why comedians get so many girls.

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Don’t be self-conceited

One reason why hot girls don’t go for gorgeous men is due to their self-conceited personality. If not that they, in general, tend to be annoying and over-confident. You need to make sure to be as down to earth as possible while also have enough confidence to gain the girls attention and approach her. Make her feel wanted and heard and you can easily find your way to her heart. Keeping your ego out will allow you to do just that.

Be available

Every girl wants to feel wanted and needs someone that is there for them no matter what. So it is important that you are available for them. Whether it means staying up late to talk on the phone or having to drop by with soup when she is sick. Once you have the girl, you need to be available to the extent that you don’t stretch yourself thin to ensure you keep the girl.

Getting a hot girlfriend is all about how well you play the game. Be confident but not overconfident and always remember to be yourself. You don’t have to put on an act to get a hot girlfriend. As long as you have a good personality and aren’t egotistical, you can find yourself with a hot girlfriend in no time.


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