The 5 Ways How to Get a Girlfriend

it take some work to get a girlfriend

The ways how to get a girlfriend is the focus topic today and a little different. Currently, there is this new trend of meeting people in clubs and luring them into having sex between the walls of the washroom chambers. This is something you can read from online resources and articles.

The problems are that mostly only men find this to be a great fantasy, or at least to say it out loud because women do like sex. As much as men fancy this kind of turn around, they will not in most cases consider women who give into such occurrences.

This behavior is also considered as morally demoralizing for women. It can mainly be translated into whore-like tendencies; no man wants to marry a whore. You always want to get the real deal; quality in everything including a hard earned lay. Cheap and easy acquired lays are considered useless and not worthwhile.

The following tips to get a girlfriend will help you seduce a girl “all the way”. However getting a girlfriend should mean you actually have feelings for her, otherwise you should just seduce girls for basically sex and not end up in a relationship.




Practice Being Boyfriend Material

How to get a girl then? Well, girls are more often than not attracted to men who stand tall and portray their ability to be caring, ensure security and show love to them. They will picture you as having boyfriend skills if you can prove they can rely on you. In case they ever get babies with you, you will be able to protect them. Meet them in their point of need by securing them financially and emotionally.

Caring is very easy and this is the only skill you need to acquire to be a boyfriend and will help you get a girlfriend. You can show care in so many ways.

Being there for her when needed, making her smile, buying her gifts, preparing meals for her, and taking her out on a date are among the easy things you can do to be caring. However you should not overdo it though. If you want to know how to find a girlfriend but also keep her, you need to act as a man who has time for her, but surely also knows the way how to seduce a woman. You need to be a real man who doesn’t suck up to her all the time, but let her do the chasing also, otherwise will your relationship with her not last.




Focus On Your Goal

It is easy for you to open up yourself a little more and identify the qualities you are looking for in a girl. Do not be a lion who feeds on grass when clearly he wants a steak! This kind of mistake makes all genders focus on all the wrong people and spend loads of time, energy and resources trying to mold a pot out of no clay.

Don’t just date anyone for the sake of having someone to hang out with. Be focused on the standards you have put in place. It is easy to base and rate prospective candidates on them. This will salvage you the pain of having to struggle trying to change someone. People never change, they just grow old.


From The Word Go, Hint about the Future

This is among the best there is to get a girl really interested in you. You have to be careful not to talk about you and your ambitions. This will only indicate your future is only built on your success and not in any way related to her.

Bringing up your future plans with her is a perfect way to win a girl. This is usually a very high score, it’s the green light you want to be with her for the long run and you would love her to be there when it happens. Such plans fascinate women and always look forward to building the perfect small world together with an ambitious individual like you are.



Have a Unique Sense of Humor

Learn how to redirect conversations from one point to another interesting spot. You can talk about an amazing experience both of you have gone through. For example you can remind her how you both got to your usual meeting place late and ended up missing your favorite seat and it forced you to take a long ride along town.

These inside jokes can be humorous and will make you get a girlfriend very easy especially if you know how to flirt and use it the right way in the interaction. Diverting attention of a girl to very interesting but funny scenarios is a sure skill you need to get a girlfriend.

This is encouraged only in relationships you know the girl likes you just as much as you do. Don’t break yourself up by getting all emotional with a girl you are not sure about her feelings towards you. This can only break your heart and the time spent would be better working on how to get a six pack or something else.



how to ge a girlfriend like this


Your Dates should be Fabulous Courtesy of You

Ensure all dates you take her to are worth remembering. Don’t be a rigid man when it comes to ideas. Be creative, open-minded and exciting. Let the girl have the urge to always want to be with you.

Courage is skill for the successful; dont let the lack of it fail you. Look for the guts to ask her out and surprise yourself too. It’s very easy to learn these skills; they are realistic and attainable enough to help get a girlfriend.

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