4 Ways How to Get a Girl to Notice You!

how do you get these girls to notice you

Do you have a girl in your life but have no idea how to get a girl to notice you? Well, it is a common problem for a lot of men because who wouldn’t. You might seem like at the middle of the very long line of her admirers especially if she is damn sexy.

Competition might be tough but you shouldn’t lose hope about getting a chance to get her attention. You certainly wouldn’t get discouraged easily if you know the ropes or at least have the slightest idea on how to get this particular girl to notice you.

Some usually say attraction tips for men is to be tall, handsome or a rich dude to be able to sweep her off of her feet. Well I’d say, don’t buy that crap. For most women, money isn’t an issue and research shows they are more likely to be attracted to someone who has good ambitions rather than having good looks.

Here are 4 tips on how to get females to notice you no matter if it’s is in high school, at your work or you know her from the gym that you might want to take note of.


Don’t be Obnoxious, Just be Confident

“How can I get a girl to notice you?” Well, being confident and cocky are two different things but there is a very thin line that separate the two so be careful with the impression that you are leaving. No matter how overwhelmed you are by a woman’s beauty, never make her feel you’re intimidated by it. Instead be more deliberate in your moves and show some confidence. This is the secret in any attraction even without talking and it is a sure way how to seduce a woman the fastest way.


Don’t be a YES Man

Women are often looking for someone who can make decisions on their own. Consider that a woman who is confident and beautiful usually gets what she wants most of the time. There are a lot of men who would give her just that simply because they like her.

Instead of being part of the normal group of men swooning over her, choose to standout by doing the opposite to attract her. If you do not agree to what she says, be firm and stand up for what you think is right or what you believe in.

Women love a little challenge and they sure would appreciate someone who is witty enough to shed some new ideas. To get a much more information about this subject, you should watch the tao of badass video which is quite informative regarding this.

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how to get a girl to notice you

Be a Celebrity

No, I don’t mean that you have to be Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. However, you can definitely get a celebrity status in the field you are on if you are eager to increase your status. Instead make sure that you excel in what you do, as that takes the attention of almost everyone and not only what attracts women.

The tip is doing something that makes you more noticeable and of course, likeable. You’ve got to make sure that you are on top of your game. When a lot of people are around you, it makes beautiful women curious and be drawn towards you. This is not only the way how to get a woman’s attention but can also be used on how to get a friend.


Flirt a Little

Learn how to be a little playful yet relaxed when you are around her. Body language and how to use it is making eye contact, smiling, maintaining an open posture or slightly leaning forward are some signs of flirting. Just be careful with this because you wouldn’t want her to mistake that as being too aggressive. You need to know how to read a girl to be a master of flirting with her.

Try giving these tips a shot and who knows, you may even get a date with the dream gal of yours. It could become you’re way of how to get a girlfriend or just date multiple girls eventually. Good luck with the hunt!

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