16 Tips How to Gain Confidence

get the 16 tips how to gain confidence

It is important to understand why confidence is essential when you want to address the problem of how to gain confidence. The self-esteem in psychology is a phrase designating the judgment or assessment of someone in regards to its own values and success start with confidence.

Lack of confidence can result in lots of issues. Individuals with low self-esteem may show signs like heavy self-criticism, making a habitual state of displeasure or hypersensitivity to criticism, where a man feels easily, assaulted and expertise permanent resentment against criticism. Sometimes constant indecision is also experienced often as a result of exaggerated concern of making errors.


Why Do Some Persons Have Low Confidence?

There are numerous ways that low confidence is developed by some people. Often low self-esteem is connected to mental difficulties. It can happen in a relationship, with guys, in sports or something completely different altogether.

The causes for the low self-esteem can be determined fairly easily if one starts correcting the problems. The identification of the objectives leads to the treatment and hence, it also leads to the healing of the issues. Bad self-esteem is often developed in people from their youth and it created during adolescent.

The feelings felt by a man are pretty complex throughout the period when a teenager develops into an adult which is often found to be overpowering. People suffer from low self-esteem when they are ridiculed or teased by their friends or family because of their character or appearance. Weight problems are a major cause for low self-confidence.

People struggling with obesity, skin problems, speech problems, language problems and other related issues are often teased by others. Some can get teased by their friends and it leads them to develop low self-confidence and the same thing happens for individuals with language or speech problems. Low self-esteem can come from bullying and teasing.

The problems occurred by bullying or teasing can be easily brushed off when the person has great self-esteem but many don’t have a strong mind to brush it off. It may be the start of subordinate self-esteem.

Another matter giving low self-esteem could be lack of happiness. Millions in this world aren’t happy with their life or the way they live, the occupation, envy what the next man have. All this because they made the wrong choices, or were lazy at one time and this can end up with very poor effects like drugs, booze, abuse or other things.

These are some of the reasons for low self-esteem and now you understand this fact, it is time to learn how to transform low self-esteem into good self-esteem.


believing in success will get you confidence

How to Gain Self Confidence

There are lots of ways how you become confident and these 16 ways are all crucial how to build confidence.


1. Grasp Your Insecurities

If you are insecure you usually have a small voice in the back of your head. What does it say and make you uneasy or ashamed of you? Is it telling you you’re overweight, you have bad teeth, have acne, struggle to attract girls, trouble with friends or other negative experience?

Whatever is giving you the unworthy or inferior feeling you should try to name it and write it down on a piece of paper. Go through the paper and find out if these issues are special to you or something that is typical for most people? (The solution here is that most issues are something all of us experience).

Now you have an idea of what your insecurities are, you can tackle the problem in handling your insecurities. For example acne can be handled, perhaps not in an easy way but it can be handled, you just have to begin being active and do something about it just like losing weight can be achieved. Most issues can be changed but you have to take actions to alter them and I’m not going to lie to you, nothing comes easy in this world.

Things need patience, consistency and work from you! (Click to tweet)


2. Know Your Strength & Weakness

For gaining confidence you have to know yourself and understand who you are. This isn’t something that happens in a couple of minutes or hours. A great beginning would be to recognize your weaknesses and strengths and then weigh these against what you appreciate. Let’s say you are good with computers, but hate technical jobs, there isn’t any point in having confidence in this area.

It may help to list some things you excel in you appreciate, and things you want to master. Focus on trying to achieve little by little from the list each day when you have the time. While you utilize your strengths and enhance where there’s space to improve, you’ll create both trust and gratification concurrently.


step by step will make you confident

3. Getting over Your Nerves

When you are nervous, the blood is sent by the body to the legs and arms for the battle or flight reaction. The blood has been transferred away for the abdomen and all internal organs providing the sense of the stomach churning or butterflies. This is a chemically reaction and happens to everybody but can be managed fairly easily by pushing yourself from the comfort zone until you do not get anxious anymore.

If you have difficulties walking up to a girl or simply chatting with women (another common male issue) then this is what you must push yourself to do. You have to talk small step to succeed.

Set yourself a target that you will speak to random girls for a few minutes. For instance you could begin first day by merely talking with 1 girl and even though it will take some balls, you will feel a rush after your conversation is over and you walk away. The next day, you can attempt to speak to 2-3 girls and push yourself further and further. Just pick random girls no matter of age, size, hot or awful, just speak.

If you are very shy and never will go up to a woman no matter what benefits I tell you it will give, start by talking to random men then. After you are comfortable with this, switch talking to random women. Trust me when I say…



‘Getting out of your comfort zone WILL make you experience great things in your life.’ (Click to tweet)


Initially this will seem difficult but after a few months you will have overcome your anxiety and develop your self-confidence in chatting to girls so you approach them fearlessly.


4. Be Positive Rather Than Negative

If you have a great deal of self-pity or dwell in sympathy and pity from the others you need to prevent this from continuing. Others will likely do the same and carry on belittling you and you may even loathe yourself.

What you should do instead is to talk positively about your advancement, about your future, and about yourself. Do not be afraid to challenge your strengths and features to others. The thought about acting is that you support your development in a favorable direction and reinforce these hints in your head. This is a great way how to gain self-esteem step by step and in time you notice you are gaining confidence in yourself.


get confident by overcome difficulties

5. Know Your Successes

Most people say they aren’t great at anything no matter what they try; if you aren’t in this group of people, you’re lucky. However, that is absolutely bullshit because most people are excellent at something but some people simply do not understand or are willing to confront this fact. To build confidence, you have to understand your weak and strong sides. The good sides are what you need to give credit to and take pride in.

Inferiority is a frame of mind by which you have declared yourself a sufferer. Do not permit yourself to be victimized. Express yourself, whether it is through sports, art, writing, business, girls, music or something completely different. You can develop and most people are born with skills and strengths – excel in your skills.

Passion is something you need to follow because not only does it have a healing impact, but you’ll feel distinctive and attained which could be beneficial how to gain confidence. Including an array of interests to your lifestyle can make you well informed and also inspire great things.


6. Give Compliments

If you are negative about yourself and others consistently you will project that experience in most occasions and to others in type of gossip and insults. You’ll have to start to praise others to break this dangerous cycle and praising others is the easiest way.

By looking for the best in others, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself. That won’t just improve confidence in others but also help build your personal confidence. If others build confidence around you, they can like you more.


sit in front instead of the back

7. Sit in Front

We all know the feeling of entering a room whether it at workplace, school or public assemblies, we slip into the room and make an effort to locate a seat at the rear. Why – simply because we’re scared to be seen. This is due to the fact of a lack of confidence; and many people like to sit at the very back. By determining to sit in leading row, you can develop your self-confidence and overcome this irrational concern.


8. Speak Up Without Shame

Most are fearful people will judge them for saying something silly and it’s these people who never speak up at meetings, school or public occasions. This is a shame because most times this fear is not justified. Most people are accepting than we know and mostly because they have the same fear of facing others will judge them, so speaking up is most cases will never make you face the wrath of others.

Practice to speak up and voice your opinion at meeting, school or others places and the benefit is that you will actually come off as a person who have balls, have an opinion and you gain a lot of confidence doing it. It doesn’t hurt to speak.


9. Dress like a Man

Although a man wasn’t made by clothing it certainly alters the way in which we feel about ourselves.

It changes the way you take yourself and interact with others. When you don’t look good, you feel different but that is why you should use dress like a true man. Your individual appearance sets you apart from everyone else. By altering your fabric choices is simple and not too expensive either. Purchase quality fabric that reflects you are a man with a good style who knows how to give a good impression.


10. Good Posture

The way in which a man carries himself tells all about him and his state of mind also. People with slumped shoulders and lethargic movements demonstrate deficiencies in self-confidence. They are not excited about what they are performing and they do not consider themselves essential. By practicing good posture, you’ll automatically feel more confident.

By doing the following things you’ll create a great impression on others by being more like an alpha male and feel more empowered:

  • Make Eye Contact At All Times
  • Stand Up Straight
  • Keep Your Head Up
  • Take Your Space

Read the article “Body language how to become an alpha male” to gain even more information on the subject.


11. Workout

If you are overweight or lack of fitness, physical fitness will have a remarkable impact on your self-esteem just as your look will. When you are heavy or out of shape, you’ll feel unattractive, less dynamic and perhaps even feel insecure. By working out, your physical appearance is logically improved, you get energy, feel hot and you accomplish something every time you work out.


a confident man dont place women on a piedestal

12. Do not place Women on The Pedestal

Women are human also, just because they are wonderful and perfect on the outside does not imply they do not experience the same insecurities as everybody else. Do not believe she is too wonderful for you or that she would not want to date you. If you think about all the great characteristics you have, they should make you feel you can have and deserve to have any girl.


13. Take risks

If you always do things as you’ve always done them, you will never feel confident to alter. Never changing something brings you nothing! (Click to tweet)

Push yourself to try new things out of the comfort zone. I don’t mean you should do dumb things like picking a fight in a biker club but like I wrote about talking with girls, you need to push yourself to failure so you know what works and what doesn’t.

The best part about failing is that you discover the fear you had but it isn’t as terrible as it seems. Failure might occur if you do something new or something old so why not try something new? How can you know if you will fail if you don’t change?


14. Emphasis on Contribution

Too often we get caught up within our individual needs. We focus insufficient and too much on ourselves on the conditions of other persons. If you cease pondering about yourself and focus on the contribution you are creating for the balance of the earth, you might stop thinking about your own flaws. The reason to begin thinking like this is because it will make you gain confidence and self-esteem.

In most occasions, if you give something you often get rewarded with either recognition or even some accomplishment.


15. Go On

It is a very useful measure to get more comfortable with girls. You have to move on and overcome your past by being in the near future. You should understand from the mistakes you have done and leave it in the past.

Do something interesting which YOU find interesting and let it grow your life into something amazing. It brings out the passion in you and if you do things that are interesting which you never had the balls to do or you will find you meet interesting people. Girls love people who are fascinating.


16. Practice to Gain Confidence

Like I already said you need to take actions and practice to alter things and the benefit by practice is that your confidence will improve by it. No matter where you begin; school, work, clubs or other locations, nobody understands you which mean you have the chance to show them who you truly are.

A great first impression will bring you a long way and you replace your thoughts with confident thoughts. The following are some thoughts that you will start to ask.

What would a confident man do if you start questioning yourself? You should simply do the same.

Assess your body language, tone and everything else about yourself and change the awful things.

Do this in all situations and soon you begin implement positive things into being naturally things… All it takes is to practice and then some more practice.

How to gain confidence is something you get over time by trying things and it is something everybody can learn to get. It begins by one simple thing…

Take actions to change things!

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