How to Flirt With a Married Woman

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What do women want? This is an age-old question still rotating around the universe seeking answers. But you want to know why this is complicated? For many glorious, ever-changing reasons; for one, women may know what they want in that moment, but being the wistful queens that they are, they exercise the choice to change what they want at any given time. No wonder men are so challenged.

The one constant and delectable bon-bon in a woman’s life that is not going to change is her need to be desired, even lusted after. Married women, older women, divorced woman…any woman needs to feed the prowess hidden inside her. They don’t intentionally bury that lioness, it just gets lost over all consuming responsibilities to ‘adult’. Yet in their alone time, they secretly imagine for one delicious chance to feel like the queen they are.

Can any woman on earth be seduced?

As much as I want to say no, the truth is in the flirting. Flirting with a married woman automatically opens the cage of possibilities. For instance, you see a lovely, breath-taking woman creature arched so beautifully on a bar seat, stirring her cocktail and lost in her own thoughts. What is she really thinking? Aside from the laundry needing to be done at home or work deadlines rolling around in her head, she is hoping someone finds her awe-inspiring enough to say so. She is looking for distraction, not commitment.

The easiest way to approach a woman of this caliber is to simply walk up and say hello. If this feels uncomfortable, try ordering your drink next to her and asking her if she would like another. Then introduce yourself. Chances are, as a married woman, she will lend you her name. Women are flattered to be objects of attraction. They are attracted to men who can carry a conversation with a whole lot of natural humor thrown in. They can also spot a poser or fake a mile away.

Flirt With a Married Woman

You have landed the seat next to her, now what?

It could be a seat in a bar, on a bus, at a meeting or in a coffee shop; what will you do to show interest? The fastest way to get your flirt on is by the eyes. If she is interested, she will keep meeting your eyes (don’t forget to do the fast look away). At one point, hold the gaze, sheepishly giggle and make the connection. Flirting involves more than words. Flirting involves those eye games. It also can be a hand touch. It can be a genuine gesture to tell her you find her fascinating.

Once she has reciprocated the connection, show yourself in small but wise ways. Show more interest in her, rather than telling her your life story. Stay on your best behavior. Remember, you are now entering “the most interesting man on earth” zone.

A married woman has many secrets as to why she will flirt at a moment’s whim. These are not secrets for you to know at this time. Your only position is to continue the sweet moment between you. Don’t dive into deep waters of daily reality. Talk of travels like ‘if you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?” Give her a chance to show herself. By asking questions, you might just find the answer will come faster than the next drink.

It is not about a relationship…or is it?

As you master the art of flirting with married woman you will discover they are wise and know exactly what they are wanting ‘in that moment’. It is up to you to dissect what her true motives are. Perhaps she was looking for a male friend to gain insight from to better understand men herself. Or maybe, she is forthright is saying she wants to make a quickie in a public place. Trust married woman to come clean every time. Women wear desires like a favorite designer outfit. Occasionally, they want to let that designer dress drop to the floor and walk away from it. If she has made her intentions with you apparent, then the next advance will be up to you.

She may be looking for an escape, a permanent escape from a bad marriage, or simply to have another man bring her back to life, if only for the time being. Remember, if you are the perfect specimen she has been seeking, she may end up pursuing you after your first encounter.

Go Very Slowly

No matter what the heat of the moment brings, there is always the reality of tomorrow. If you decide to see each other again, take it slow. Married women have chalkboards of commitments—to spouse, family, work, and so on. The reality is, you are not on that chalkboard.  You can ask to spend time with her, and she may agree, but it will always be on her terms.

Finally, each time you do see her again, be the man she met in the beginning. Up the ante with gifts to fill her spirit graciously. She is a queen who wants someone else to notice. Even married woman believe in fairytales.

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