The Main Principle of How to Flirt with a Girl

learn how to flirt with a girl

First of all, I have to tell you there are a million ways how to flirt with a girl. However, before we come the points about successfully flirting, you have to realize one important thing about women, they do not like extreme cocky men!

You can read in another article of ours: How to attract a girl – Become an alpha male, confidence is very important for a man. However, being too much of a twat who thinks he is damn important with his job, can seem like a great idea to make her interested but it really isn’t!

Being an over bragging jerk is showing weakness and is compensating for insecurity. A confident man with money or an important job doesn’t have to brag about it.


dont brag with your money when flirting with girls

I hope you understand the point of this because it can doom you with girls and it is a killer how you get a girl interested in you.

Flirting is supposed to be fun for you and of course the girl also. Flirting is how you show a woman interest and more importantly show that you’re interested in her, so she starts thinking about the two of you in a more sexual way.

Try to imagine talking to a girl for the first time. She is damn hot and she also seems to be interested in you, and most of all she seem like giving you the signs of female attraction by giving you the eye. This is where we, as men, wonder how to tell if a girl likes you in the sexual way, and this is done by building sexual tension. It’s one of the first steps in how we make mating rituals.

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You should show all your male qualities that a girl would find attractive. Besides confidence, which is one of the main characters of an attractive man, don’t forget to show leadership, humor and that you are actually a normal man. Ladies like men who are in touch with their emotions and remember to show your skills how to flirt with a female as an attractive man.

If you don’t know about this important thing in flirting then you know it now. Your body language is the most important skill for flirting. Only around 10-15% of communication is verbal. The last 85-90% of communication is mainly through actions.


women know when you are faking it

Girls use this to observe you and for some reason, girls are naturally born to flirt or so it seems. I can’t really say why it’s like this, but they just seem to have it as a naturally thing. That can confuse a lot of men, because there is a difference between a romantic interest and a normal platonic interest so understand the difference aspect of flirting is important.

The point telling you this, is maybe you know a bit about how flirt but just because a girl talks with you doesn’t mean she is attracted to you. Girls are mainly friendly so they do talk to people without it necessarily means anything. This also goes if you “talk” with a girl online or via a text even though it is harder to observe the signs of her being interested online or texting.

You can say the exact same thing to a girl as the next guy, but you will deliver a complete different message to the girl because of your body language. If you want to learn to flirt with a girl you need to work on your gestures, voice and body language in general so you will become naturally good at being attractive.

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