How to Date Multiple Women Review

how you date multiple women without problems

If you still have trouble getting the women “turned over” you probably should look at The Tao of Badass Review of the program first. Why, because you need to know all the basic stuff. Then you can come back to read this how to date multiple women review which might get you the happiness of success if you cannot date multiple women.

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Review how do you Date Multiple Women?

This program is about dating multiple women and doing it the right way so everybody is okay with it without any drama. Dating two women or multiple dating can be learned in this program because you are told how to bring up the idea to women. Also you learn when you should bring up multiple dating.

You can become the guy women will cheat with, and women do cheat a lot if they don’t get fulfilled or meet attraction they can’t resist. This is what you learn in this how to date multiple women report . For instance do you get the exact 6 steps to attract all those lovely sexy women and you are the guy they cheat with and not the one they cheat.


It is a nice program to learn how to start on the subject of bringing it up when you meet women. The best part is you get some great tools to keep the relationship successful. A lot of women don’t like the idea of you dating multiple women because of jealousy or something else. Also the idea of them turning into doing a threesome can’t just be put into the head of a woman.

These two topics seem very attractive for many men, and admit it is every man’s dream to have multiple women and the ultimate is more women at the same time in the bed – a threesome. This doesn’t have to be a dream if you follow Joshua Pellicer’s guide, because he teaches you all the things to do and say. If a woman is open to Polyamory, she will be convinced and turned on by joining your love triangle.

You can’t make ALL women do it, because some women and that goes for men also, are simply not into it for whatever reason they might have. However, many are and Joshua Pellicer is the living proof it can be done, and it can be taught.




Admit it! You liked the threesome idea I described in this review how to date multiple women correct? It is the best part of the manual and at the same time so very simple and when I read it, it made so much sense. Got to admit I am a bit jealous on Joshua because threesome is one thing but what about foursomes or more?

Finally you learn to be lazy and reach the point where women come to you without you needing to do any work….


The Date multiple Women Specifications?

  • How to Date Multiple Women Bonus 1 – The Black Book Method
  • How to Date Multiple Women Bonus 2 – Converting a Girlfriend to Polyamory
  • How to Date Multiple Women Bonus 3 – Playboy in a Day
  • How to Date Multiple Women Bonus 4 – The Tao Member’s Area & Community
  • How to Date Multiple Women Bonus 5 – The Waterfall : 6 Step Audio Program
  • How to Date Multiple Women Bonus 6 – Killer First Dates


My Opinion on the Steps Dating Multiple Women?

Like I stated in beginning, if you have problems getting women you should go for the Tao of Badass Review first and learn the ground basic before considering dating multiple women. By learning Tao of Badass you should be able to have success in dating two women. If you already know the basics or just want to multiple date, this program is definitely going to teach you what you need to know about having a, for a man, wonderful life.

I am married and love my wife 100% BUT before I was in love with her I used to date several women each week. It was fun but at the same time it was so much hard work by jealous women texting, calling and coming by.

If I have had this program many years ago I could have avoided a hell a lot of problems I didn’t always knew how to handle. As you probably noticed I’m all for you should give it a go. It’s up to you to decide if you want to spend the money, after all as everything in life, there is no guarantee it will bring you threesomes.


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