How to Clear Acne for Men

get the ways how to clear acne for men to be happy

Acne is a common problem to young teens when they are in their adolescence period.

Acnes are very embarrasing when you are an adult.

Can you recall the last time you had an acne ?

How much time you spend to clear it….

Most of the time if you do not know how to clear acne for men then you will go through a difficult time.

You know how annoying it can be when you as a man look for help regarding your skin related issue and it is not easy to get or find essential and helpful information concerning men acne and prevention.

Men acne consists of small spots and painful bumps on the skin. Acnes are most seen and visible on the face but it can also appear on other body parts like arms, shoulders and back.


Facts about acne

  • If it is your first time you are experiencing acne do not get worried, there are many myths that have been said about acnes. You perhaps must have heard some people say that acne is due to dirt or personal hygiene. Some have gone ahead and believed that acne is due to eating junk foods.
  • But the fact that you need to understand is that acne is linked with the levels of sebum that are produced when you are going through the puberty stage , this normally proceeds during the entire life. Professionals in the health industry believe that genetic susceptibility is the major factor.
  • According to the consultant dermatologist and spokesperson from the British Association of Dermatologist, he says that the main cause that leads to acne occurrence is the hormones in your body.
  • The sebaceous glands of the people who develop acne is usually highly sensitive to the hormone testosterone that is found in men and women.
  • The acne bacterium is present on every person skin but it does not trigger any problem, but if you are vulnerable to the acne, in case there is the buildup of oil in your skin. This tends to become a good environment for the multiplication of the bacteria. This later activates the inflammation of the red or pus-filled spots.

The following tips on acne are some of the best ways on how to clear acne if you suffer from it as a man.

Get cleansers and the acne products

You probably want to avoid the frustrations of visible acne on your face, then such for the cleansers and acne products that are non-comedogenic. These products cannot clog your skin pores.

The cleansers and products further keep your follicles open through exfoliating and removing dead cells from the skin.

A consultant dermatologist from the British Association with a certain passion in acne recommends that patients who have moderate or mild acne can clear it using tropical treatments like lotions and gels. This is applied directly to the skin.

Do frequent cleaning of the acne

Make it a habit to exercise some cleaning on your acne, you need to clean or wash your acne prone part every day in the morning, during the night before you sleep and after an exercise.

This is very essential in enhancing your quick healing and eliminating any suitable environment for the development of the bacteria that lead to multiplication of the acne.

Use non-alcohol toner products

You can also splash or apply some non-alcohol toner to assist in unclogging your skin pores.

Try not to use alcohol based toner products since this may lead to an over dry skin that will eventually trigger a ricochet and may then produce a lot of oil.

Use gel or lotion

You want to clear the frustrating acne, then after cleaning the acne prone area then you should complete cleansing it with gel or lotion that has been made or mixed with benzoyl peroxide.

You may be asking yourself why use the benzoyl peroxide? The benzoyl peroxide has been proven to be a good fighter and kills the bacteria that are responsible for causing acne.

Avoid too much cleansing

Cleansing is something good to do, but it also has the specific number of times that you need to cleanse your acne in a single day. Some guys may opt to even cleanse more than three times a day.

This is actually dangerous and it may be one way of increasing more acne on your skin. When you over wash your face it actually irritates your skin, this leaves your skin dry and increases the oil production that is very harmful in the healing and removal of the acne.

Avoid any disturbance of the pimples

Quite a lot of men who have the acne fail to observe this tip. You will find a lot of people applying all sorts of ways in clearing the pimple.

Some of the things you need to avoid doing include pop your pimple or pick your pimple. This is very dangerous since it may cause further infections that will be very scarring.

Always cleanse your body

When you are about to clean your skin , ensure you use a mild soap or a gentle cleanser .If you lack some of this mentioned products then it is good you go for the oil –free-substitute. While cleaning your skin, then ensure that you do it slowly to avoid any irritation on the skin that may easily make your acne worse.

Be patient

Clearing acne cannot happen in just a single day but you will need about two months to begin seeing any changes.


Something you need to know when fighting the acne, simply choose a way that you will manage and adhere to. Ensure that the pattern you adapt is bound to prevent also future breakouts. Always be persistent and consistent, do not give up. Follow the above tips on how to clear acne in men suffering from it and you will be safe. Just in case your situation becomes worse then consider seeing a dermatologist.

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