5 Tips How to Charm a Woman

know how to charm a woman for success

Get 5 basic tips on how to charm a woman in this article which will you give an idea on what attracts women also. Women like a nice guy but it’s not the same as women finding you attractive. A Badass gets more attention from women and being a badass doesn’t mean you should be a big muscle pumped guy who beats up everybody. Instead, you should be a guy who likes himself and who draws attention from other people because he is interesting and seems like a guy who knows how to woo a woman.


Be a Challenge

It can seem totally stupid in a man’s point of view, but women like when a man is a challenge. A way to show this is by showing confidence and you’re a man that knows about charming a woman on a date. This way you show “skills” and also a woman needs to do something to get you.


Give a Simple Compliment

Some might say you seem like a wimp if you give a woman a compliment, but giving a woman a sincere and honest compliment kinds of opens her up to you in a split second. After all, who doesn’t like to hear something sweet about themselves from time to time?

I bet you do, I do and everybody else does. Read my article How to Make a Girl Interested in You by Avoiding Compliments because giving a compliment can maybe be a very bad way to get women if you do it wrong. Go to a woman you don’t know and say “nice tits” it might work in a rare occasion, but usual you just come off as a twat.

You should give compliments differently from what men normally do.


charm this woman

Always be the Active Hunter

You must make the first move since most women don’t. Life is easier in dating for a man because we are supposed to hunt women, and when a man does, he seems like a great cool guy. If a woman is the hunter (and I know it is changing these days,) she will come off as a slut in many people’s eyes.

Don’t sit in the corner and wait for the women coming to you unless you are very skilled. Be proactive and approach the women.


Be Funny, Cocky, Flirting and Sexy in Conversation

Don’t make boring conversations with women because they don’t like it. You don’t like it, and I don’t like it because boring is simply boring (most women actually don’t like football). Avoid the interview style. If you want the women to feel attracted to you, you need to be cocky, flirty and have a sexual feel in the conversation. If you don’t know how to talk to a woman read our article: Things to talk About with Girls.


Be Interested in a Woman

If you want to be successful and know how to charm a female then show interest in her. Don’t sit and seem like a guy who doesn’t hear anything she says. You hope to sleep with her and faking interest doesn’t work.

You have to listen to her in bed also. So if you hate what she is saying before sex it WILL only get worse. Be interested and listen to her because you really are interested in her and not only her body parts. This is how you charm a lady even on Facebook or other places that’s not face to face.

There are a million things during a conversation you should do and not do. One thing which is important is that when a woman tells about her problems, she is not looking for a solution. Don’t think like a man about this because men want to fix the problem and get on with things. Women don’t want you to fix the problem she is just looking for reassurance and comfort you’re there.

These are some basic tips how to charm women and I know there a million more, but these are the best basic seduction tips that will bring you success on your hunt. If you want the whole attraction, flirting and seduction pack that will give you all the information you need to be a natural with women during time, you can get it totally free just below.

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