The 4 Steps How to Build Sexual Tension to Get Women

know how you build sexual tension

Seducing women is about building and natural sexual tension between a woman and yourself. When you first start dating a woman she will not have much chemistry with you. You will start out as a neutral person before she makes up her mind if you are attractive or not.

You can of course go through a dozen women until you strike lucky, but I think most men would rather have the odds on those numbers to be in his corner. To get the odds on your side when you date women, you simply need to know how to build sexual tension to stimulate the women’s attraction. The chemistry needs to be there from the beginning no matter if you’re dating a woman with children, a single lady, young or old.

How do you make sexual tension then? To get tension started and make her feel the attraction, you need to get her out of the neutral zone and in the statement of feeling excitement.


Build Sexual Tension by Teasing a Woman

Teasing a woman is done by finding small innocent areas of her insecurity and play on those. You aren’t trying to make her feel bad or put her down, but what you’re doing is showing the confidence of man who knows how to tease a woman instead of being scared by her as most men usual are.

When you flirt with a woman you also lower her defenses. You can bond with her more personally without the defensive awkward behavior and this will answer the question “what’s sexual tension”.



Sexual Tension by Humor

woman-who-knows-how-to-build-sexual-tension-large-picWe all like to laugh because it is relaxing. Women are really into a good laugh especially when dating a man who knows how to build sexual chemistry by humor.

Maybe the reason is, it can be so easy to make a woman laugh. For example by teasing her, it could be the reason there are so many men who are either boring or take things too seriously. When they date women they don’t know how they should build the sexual tension with her.

If you are a man with humor then you enjoy life by not taking yourself or anybody else to damn serious. Most importantly you project an inner calm. A guy who doesn’t have humor is more likely to be tense and insecure around women.


Build Sexual Tension by Contradiction

A secure guy expresses his own opinion and knows he must contradict a woman’s opinion because he doesn’t need her approval. Now don’t do this just to prove a point or to be a jerk, but do it because you got your own belief in clear terms.

For instance when she shows bratty behavior which most women do from time to time. A confident man knows when to stop it, and this is a great skill to have as a true alpha male. Most of us have been raised by a mother’s influence, but it’s a skill you need to have so you know the right way to build the attraction.


Sexual Tension by Detachment

A confident man can stand on his own feet alone and doesn’t need a woman’s approval. He can walk away in a second because he is not there to kiss ass. You will not be available to kiss ass a woman whenever. The best way to prove this is living your life and if you should have a long pause with a woman then it must be that way.

Don’t sit around and call her back constantly. She should have a chance to miss you instead of you showing signs of being a desperate man who leaves messages on her machine all the time.

These four ways to build sexual tension is the basic knowledge you need to get it on with women. There are other things you also need to know of course. You can actually get all the knowledge you need right now for free.

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