How to be a Handsome Man Who Have Confidence with Women

know how to be a attractive confident man for her

Most men are interested in the way how to be a handsome man for the reason they want to have success attracting women (or men for that matter).

The same is true if you have a girlfriend/are married because most men want to continue having the skill to attract women and the reason for this can be because we want to keep on being the guy who knows how to be cool.

Most men don’t have the natural skill of attracting women but it is just a “simple” skill that can be taught rather easy. Read on if you like to know why men fail and how to fix it as a way how to be attractive.


How to be a Man with Confidence

The main thing women can agree upon they find attractive in a man is – Confidence.

You probably already know this, but do you know if you don’t come across as a confident man from the first eye sight of a woman, you probably have no chance of attracting her. She will already have put you in her box of not interesting, and then it really doesn’t matter if you think because you know how to dress handsome, your appearance makes you attractive or if you are just ugly for that matter.



You can try to put on an act of being confident, but it will never work because women have this special skill which makes them seeing you for what you are, and faking confidence is bound to fail.

If everybody could fake confidence, 95% of men wouldn’t have problem being a natural attractive man to women. The best thing for you is to be natural confident.

You might want to watch this video about self confidence from Brian Tracy so you can benefit from all the great possibilities you will get from confidence.


 Video “Self Confidence by Brian Tracy”


There are a lot of ways for you to build confidence, for instance will these 5 useful tips How to become handsome boost your confidence.

But the easiest way to get handsome, is you knowing how to be happy so you are complete satisfied with yourself and your self-esteem in order and you might want to check this self-esteem page on Wikipedia (check it out). The first thing to change is your appearance maybe through the handsome Factor because then you know the elegant definition and realize women will find you attractive.

If you have doubt about your appearance it will always be in your mind, and whatever troubles you will show unconsciously … Non-verbal signs are impossible to hide totally unless you are trained by CIA, and not many of us are.

The information about body language can you use in most situations. For instance, if you have been out trying to seduce women you have probably experienced with this particular problem…..

You are at a bar with a lovely woman and chatting with her attempting to do your moves, and out of nowhere you start thinking about if she finds you attractive or not – You start thinking about “Wonder if she finds me fat?” “Why is she looking at my face in a funny way… do I have skin problems?” “Why does she look in that weird way on my shirt?” and the “fear” starts to rumble in your brain, so you start having problems with sweating a lot.

If you have tried this you also know you most likely are heading to a failure with that particular woman because as stated, women can smell if you have confidence or not and then it is of no matter if you are a handsome boy.

It is all about removing the fears forever by using your skills of how to be a handsome man as a way to boost your confidence so you become a natural confident man who never fear what a woman think about your appearance. You want to be the best you can be, and this is an excellent way to define handsomely.


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