8 Ways How to Attract Women with Body Language

use the tips how to attract women with body language for success

Some find it hard to believe, but body language does play a prominent role in dating.

The experts have even claimed that while dating your verbal language often takes the backseat as your body language takes a more prominent role. And, women have more awareness about body language communication and are quick to interpret what your body is saying, even if your verbal language says otherwise.

Thus, it becomes very important for us men to send the right signals and vibes, if we are to make our date a success. So, here are some pointers how to attract women with body language which would show you how to use your body language so you know what’s attract women.


Dress Nicely is the First Attraction

Okay, this doesn’t fall in body language category. But, it is the basic and most important aspect of approaching a woman or starting a courtship. Because, if you aren’t dressed up nicely, then you have failed the test even before its start.

The first thing a woman will notice in you is your appearance, especially your shoes. So, always look your best and show that you are ready for the game. Also, wear clothes in which you feel good about yourself because confidence is the key.

Be neat and sharp, avoid coming across as shabby and careless. Wear clothes that fit you perfectly, too loose or too tight could prove to be disastrous. Be on the top of the attraction tips, and she will definitely notice.

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Movement is a Visual Body Language Tell

use the proper language signs to attract womenIf you are constantly moving around and fidgeting, it will show that you are nervous and out of control. Probably, not the best vibe you want to give as your first impression. If you don’t show you are confident and in control, trust me no woman will take you seriously.

A confident man, the alpha makes very controlled movements. He will walk slowly and will never suffer from the restless leg syndrome.

By slowing down, you show that you are comfortable with yourself, it also helps in creating an intrigue and mystery. However, be careful against slowing too down, trust me you don’t want to come across as a weird guy. Plant your feet slightly wider apart than usual, this will stop you from shifting your weight or hopping around like an excited kid.


Lean Back and be Relaxed to Attract Women

When you are sitting or in any other pose other than standing, lean back and relax. This is considered an open gesture which shows that you are friendly and approachable.

Make yourself as confident as you can be and let your arms hang by your side. However, if you adopt shy guy’s pose – leaning forward with your arms crossed, it means you are shielding yourself. It means that you are protecting yourself which doesn’t do you any good on a date. So, sit back and relax, its time to be smooth.


Walking Posture is Important for Proper Body Language

When you walk into room, lounge or bar, don’t keep you head down and shove your hands in pocket. This sends the vibe to the girls saying that you aren’t approachable, you are closed. Instead, walk with a straight back and head titled back just a little. Push your shoulders back, puff your chest and show that alpha is in the house.

You will notice this is way millionaires, rockstars and Hollywood’s leading stars walk in. Show that you don’t give a damn about anything which might be your way to impress hot women.


Take Up Your Space

We might have evolved from our primitive ancestors, but deep in our subconscious we still have primitive social gestures hard-wired. And, taking up space responds to one of those primitive concepts. It shows that you are marking your territory. So, try to take as much space as possible.

If you are sitting, then lean back and stretch your legs out. This will show that alpha is in the room and women would be automatically attracted to you. Show that you are confident and laid back.


to get the attractive women you need to use the proper body languageTone of Voice

The tone of your voice is an important part of your body language. Don’t talk too fast, it shows that you are nervous, slow down man. Don’t talk too slow, it shows that you are dumb. Both messages can sabotage your chances of having success with women. Talk at a bit slower speed than you are used to.

Talking slow gives you more control of what you say and can help in avoiding mistakes and stammering (a big sign of nervousness). It also allows you to think and develop plan according to your situation.

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Be Indifferent

The best way to portray that you are in control is by acting indifferent. Acting indifferent shows that you aren’t worried and accept everything that is happening around you. It shows that you are calm and confident. Never show too much of emotion at any given time and don’t get ruffled by anything.

Women love those men who are in control, at very top of the game. Just relax and show that you are master of the situation and master of your life and this alone might get a girl to notice you.


Open Up

Always try to come across as an open individual. When you are conversing with a woman, stand or sit with your arms at you side and palms slightly exposed. Keep your legs, shoulder apart or stretch them out in front of you if you are sitting. And, hold your shoulder slightly back and pump your chest slightly. This will show that you are confident, cool and in control.

Don’t cross your arms or legs because this is a sign which has ‘Closed’ written in red block letters all over it. Also, if you have a drink in your hand, hold it down by your side. Holding it in front of you is considered a blocking action.

If mastered, the above points will give you an advantage over other guys while competing for woman’s attention. These above tips will give you an edge in the dating process. However, always observe her body language as well because it will show you how well you are progressing. If you feel she is getting uncomfortable, then slow down. Similarly, if you notice she is getting excited and reacting in a positive way, then take your game to next level – How to sleep with a woman on first date.


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