How to Attract a Girl – Become an Alpha Male

use the right ways to attract the girls

We have all hear about the Alpha Males and maybe you think the concept is bullshit? However if you want to know how to attract a girl and maybe even one you like, you should take a minute and read some techniques which works.

Everyone knows a so called alpha male. He is not the most handsome or the best dresser and can’t even put a descent outfit together. However, he always seems to know how to talk to a girl or how to make a girl laugh so she seems very attracted to him.

He sometimes seems like a magnet to girls and I bet you envy it a bit because you want to know how to get a girl to like you like they like him? You probably also know the answer to why he is attracting girls in his life?

Yes you’re right, it is confidence. The key how to get a girl the fastest way is confidence, because confidence is the same as being an alpha male no matter if you look like a bum or not.

Personally I do like to polish my shoes and have clean clothes, and may I suggest you don’t start looking like a bum with confidence. After all, a man who knows how to dress shows more confidence in my opinion. It also shows a bit of style on how to impress a girl even though you do it for you and not anybody else.

How to make a girl like you then? Read on and get these 3 tips on how to build your confidence so you know how you attract a girl no matter if she is with a boyfriend or playing really hard to get.


Don’t Be Insecure

A man with confidence knows his own worth and he acts like it. So don’t come off like an insecure boy by doing these things:

  • Your Hands Are In your Pocket All the Time.
  • You Fidget.
  • You Cross Your Arms And Seem Defensive And Insecure.
  • You Don’t Take Your Space.
  • You Look At The Ground.

If you are a confident man you will show some of these traits instead:

  • You Know How To Have Direct Eye Contact
  • You Own Your Space
  • You Breathe Through The Stomach
  • You Are Not Nervous Being Center Of A Room Instead Of Hiding In The Corner
  • You Keep Your Head High

If you do any of the not alpha male traits, try to change it and see if that can change your way how to attract a female. Look out for signs of women attraction because it will be there.

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how to attract a girl who wants to be seduced

Try To Be Positive and Think Like It

Know your weaknesses and strengths. By knowing yourself and identify the things that gives you a lack of self-esteem you can change it and start seeing a positive side. Remember, everyone has a lack of self-esteem but very few know how to turn it to their advantage.

Acknowledge all the small steps you make, and all the talents you have. When you have transformed your mindset you can start working on your body language to being a calm secure alpha male.

Read our article, 2 deadly traits how to attract women with body language to get more ideas about body language.


Have Fun

We have all been in the situation being around women and feeling nervous! For some weird reason we start to think of all the bad things the women might think about us (which she probably doesn’t). Of course when you come off as an insecure guy, she is turned off because you will not come by as a man who knows how to seduce a girl.

A confident man knows how to attract girls. He doesn’t get nervous thinking what the girl might think about him. As such he gets a great time with the girl because he sees it as fun.

Secure men don’t ask or need approval of girls, so remember to think positive and have fun with girls. Even if you don’t strike lucky to seduce a woman, at least you have fun trying to do it.

If you want to be great with the opposite sex and a natural attracting a girl no matter if it’s online, through texting or face to face, start changing yourself to be. You need to think like an alpha male. Confidence is the key to success how to get a girl to like you and every other aspect of things in your life.

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