9 Tips How to Approach Women the Relaxed Way

learn how to apprach women to get her interested

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have met or seen a beautiful woman but you did not have a way on how you would approach her?

You perhaps lack the slightest idea on how to do it. If that is the case, then you will agree that you must have felt a heart race and a sweat in your palms. But let me give you one secret…

It does not need to be like that.

If you want to date these beautiful women, you have to be ready to throw your fears away and approach the women like a real relaxed man does.

Read and practice the following tips how to approach women that will help you begin your healthy life with women.

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Avoid the fear of rejection when approaching women

  • The fear and thoughts of being rejected are the worst enemy in your chase for women. What you need to know is that, a beautiful girl will not scream at you or even shout at you. You will never be humiliated or laughed at by her friends. She will not turn to be very hostile and cold like a monster.
  • The fact with approaching women like a relaxed man does is to have positive thoughts and become optimistic. Many women whom you see very good looking are just like you, the difference is the beautiful skin you see in her.
  • Most of the beautiful women will always respond with an answer that is either neutral or positive. What you and the rest of the other shy guys do not know is that women feel good when they are approached. It is something that is exciting and fun. This is the reason why the women will not show any signs of being upset or angry.
  • So stop worrying on the fear of rejection since this only destroys your chances before you make the first step to try.


don't hesitate when you want to approach her


Never hesitate

  • You want to show the woman that you are a relaxed man and you know what you want, then do not hurry or begin feeling frightened. Just take your time.
  • If you hesitate in your mission, this makes you appear like you are not confident and you will easily get an immediate turn –off. What women want to see is someone who is confident. So, if you see a woman some steps from where you are simply get your courage and walk to where she is within the shortest period of time.


Avoid lingering and staring

  • Avoid staring and looking at a woman for long period of time. Women are creatures that are much aware of people like you and do not like it. They can see you and feel you. The longer you stay the higher you lower your chances of snatching the woman.


Display positive body language

  • How you look when you approach a woman is very essential, you have heard of the first impression matters a lot. If you approach a woman while your head is facing down, you will already be the architect of your own downfall.
  • You will have sent wrong information about yourself. This kills you before you begin to launch your manifesto. But if you are approaching a woman while you have stood up straight with your shoulders, chest and back are out and you involve a firm and relaxed walk then it is very rare for any woman to reject you, this is what we mean that you approach a woman like a relaxed man.


Wear a cute smile

  • A cute smile will talk and describe more about you, not only does it show you as someone who is friendly but also it depicts you as a confident person.
  • A genuine smile will always make the lady feel good and it creates an ease environment that it becomes simple for you to make a communication and chat with her.
  • Practice to smile when making an approach to any woman and you will build a nice a rapport with the woman.


Maintain eye contact

  • Always make an eye contact with the woman you are approaching, it displays an element of confidence to the woman.
  • One best thing you need to knowis that do not be the first one to break the eye contact, this makes the lady see that you are not comfortable while approaching her.
  • Using a strong eye contact makes women to feel more attracted towards you, it just needs practice and you will master this tip.


Raise your voice

  • The tone of the voice that you use is very important, let the tone of your voice be light and playful. This is one of the best ways to start.
  • Your tone will show whether you have confidence in you or you are fearful.
  • Just try practice with your tone and you will always approach women like real relaxed men do. You can start with a serious tone but follow it with a quick smile to imply that you are just joking.


pay attention to her body signs


Pay quick attention to her body language

  • A woman who will be interested in you when you approach her she will quickly display her admiration for you in the way she behaves.
  • So, to avoid wasting any time, your money or energy, simply look at the woman’s’ body language. This will give you a quick feedback of what she is telling you, a woman who is not interested in you will not make an eye contact with you neither will she smile , her reply are one answer word and her body is turned away from you.


Be a good listener

  • While you communicate with the woman, ensure you try to listen to what she tells you.
  • Women love a man who pays attention to the little details she says, do not begin jabbering out words randomly you will blow up your candle.

The secret approaching tips for a relaxed man is to put the above tips in to practice to get the reaction ,in case you encounter a cold reaction do not give up , all you need to know is that attracting women is based on your confidence and how you behave when you are around her.


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