How to approach a girl you don’t know

approach a girl

Although it may seem an easy task, approaching a girl, you will need the skillful combination of words and body language. When you set your eyes on a beautiful lady for the first time, the first thing you ought to do is make an excellent eye contact. Do not give away your intentions or express over confidence in the first eye contact, just make it neat and straightforward.

Giving a relaxed smile when she catches your gaze should follow and observe her reaction carefully as it dictates your next step. However, that makes a good impression by expressing confidence in a nice mature way. If the lady makes a consistent eye contact or looks away then looks back at you, it is an early sign you are on the right path. The girl is simply expressing her interest, and it can be interpreted as an invitation to approach the young lady. Do not wait for another sign before making the approach. Nonetheless, if she does not look your way or make the slightest of eye contact don’t worry, below are some tips you could consider, and she will eventually play ball.

  1.    Using a confident yet friendly and relaxed body language is a skill you should highly consider as ladies tend to have a soft spot for confident and friendly guys. You could get your wingman to critique you while practicing a few moves that boost your confidence. Body language speaks louder and better than any words you could imagine crafting. However, ensure you are sincere she might take off at the slightest sign of untruthfulness.
  2.    Do not be put off by her company. You will hardly find an attractive lady alone. In most cases, you will find them in the company of other girls or even a guy. So get prepared to make the approach even when she is in the company of other people. No matter the number of individuals in her group, get ready to approach her plus her company respectfully. If she is off limits, you will know when making the approach. She might admire your courage when you approach here even when she is in the company of other people, you never know.
  3.    Make sure you are audible but do not shout. On this trip, you will require sharpening your skills as there is a very thin line between shouting and being audible. Besides, you need to watch your tone especially when you are in a public place. No lady wants everyone surrounding her to hear what you are telling her. Hence, get to practice a lot with your main man on how to project your voice. Besides, the way you project your voice is an easy way of expressing your confidence in what you are doing.
  4.    You will need to have something tangible to say to the lady as you approach her. Don’t approach a beautiful lady just to waste her time as you tell her lots of nothing. Also, be prepared to do most of the talking. As such, you need to have very captivating words to sustain a discussion for a while. Be sure leave a nice impression that will make her want to meet you again. Have a number of interesting things to talk about to avoid talking about the same thing over and over again. When she shows signs of enjoying your conversation, by asking your name and where you are from, know she is attracted, and its time you showed the best you have.
  5.    Finally, it is important you know she will easily forget all you have told her in a matter of hours. However, she will remember all you made her feel while you were talking to her. Thus, you will need to watch your attitude, as how you express yourself matters more than the words you use. If you are a guy who seeks to get approval from other people and especially a girl, you need to re-evaluate your priorities. You need to express confidence in what you are telling her in a very friendly way. It is that confidence in yourself that will go a long way to winning her over. As such, you will need to show her confidence and a winning attitude, do not second guess yourself.


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