How to Stay Fit for Her Without Ever Setting Foot in a Gym

How to Stay Fit for Her Without Ever Setting Foot in a GymStaying in shape is a necessity if you want to impress that special woman in your life, but it’s also difficult and time-consuming work.

You have to completely rework your schedule and habits to make room for a new routine, which means that you need to eat a healthy diet to get a healthy look.

You have to buy special clothes and equipment. Not to mention a membership to the gym, where you spend most of your time waiting in line for machines and comparing yourself to people who are already in way too good of shape.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look good and stay fit without ever setting foot in the gym?

What if you could somehow incorporate a workout into your daily routine, or into an activity that you actually enjoy and combined it with some healthy eating habits to lose weight?

Well, it turns out that you can. Here are three ways how to stay fit for her without ever setting foot in a gym


Hit the Stairs can Make You Fit

It’s important to remember that the equipment in your gym is designed to replicate natural human motions like rowing or swinging an ax or carrying a heavy load.

The key to using your environment to create an effective workout is to think about the natural motions that are most prevalent in your day-to-day life.

If you commute to work, this probably includes walking up and down a lot of stairs. Luckily stairs are a sneaky way to fit in a workout during the workday.

The Greatist has a great stair workout plan for beginners that can be easily modified as your fitness improves. Start on the first floor of your office or apartment stairwell, then, in 15 second intervals, walk, sprint, high-knee and broad-stride your way to the top. By varying your method, you’re building both leg and core strength. It sure as heck beats the stairclimber.


Hit the Pool

stay fit the relaxed way as a man to look great for womenThe simple act of wading in a swimming pool requires nearly every muscle group in the body, but with a little more direction you can achieve an insanely effective workout in as little as 30 minutes.

Start by jogging under water for 20 minutes to build a solid cardio base and loosen up your muscles. If you have a round pool, create a current by running in a circle around the perimeter then switch directions and run against the current. Then move to the deep end and try some leg lifts. Keep yourself treading water by making small circular motions with your hands, then lift one leg at a time so that it’s parallel with the surface. Hold for five seconds and repeat. Do this for three minutes.

The combination of trying to keep yourself afloat with the resistance created by each leg lift means that every muscle from the neck down is working in unison. If you want to target a specific group, check out these other pool workouts on the In The Swim blog.


Hit the Floor

Planks are without a doubt one of the most effective ab workouts you can do, and they require very little time and zero equipment. It takes three minutes to complete a typical plank workout.

Lie down flat on your stomach, and push up with your elbows so that your forearms and hands remain rested on the ground.

You want your arms to be bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your back straight and your ab muscles tight. Hold for one minute. Then rotate to the left side so that your abs and chest are perpendicular with the floor and your weight rest completely on your right arm. Swing your left arm behind you and tighten your abs to achieve maximum effectiveness. Hold for 30 seconds then repeat on your right side. Use the last minute to repeat the chest-down repetition. This article features several alternatives to the basic plank.

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