How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back If You Have an Addiction

Addiction is an issue that affects most relationships and could lead to breakups if exaggerated. Addiction in relationships occurs in various ways. It could be on drugs, games, or even work. Regardless of the type of addiction, the effects are always similar and of equal magnitude.

Addiction has negative consequences on relationships. The pain experienced from addiction is worse and can only be explained by those who have been in this situation before.

Even though addiction is visualized in terms of drugs, games and work, it could also be explained in various other forms. For instance, you can be considered to be an addict if you find it difficult to cope and move on after a breakup with your girlfriend.

Addiction to a relationship can make you feel obsessed or even neglected by your ex-girlfriend. In extreme circumstances, such addiction could even lead to substance withdrawal.

This article provides detailed steps on how to get your ex-girlfriend back if you have an addiction.

What to do:

  • Engage the no contact rule
  • Work on your addiction
  • Try recovering her love


No Contact Rule

if you want her back again, start by fixing your addictions which made her leave youThe ‘No Contact Rule’ is a vital element in solving issues related to breakups. It allows you to focus more energy on your life, and how quickly you can recover to go after your ex-girlfriend.

While enhancing this rule, ensure that you develop adequate mechanisms on how to deal with your addiction.

Certainly, it will be difficult for you to get her back if you persist with your addiction. Use this rule wisely and you will be able to make her miss you incredibly.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to strategize on how to use this rule in the right manner if you want to win her love back especially when you don’t know what to do when she won’t talk to you.


Work on your addiction

get to the middle of your problems to get her backConsider working on your addiction if you want to get her back. She left you due to your obsession and will certainly not take you back with the same behavior.

Different forms of addiction require the use of different methods in the rehabilitation process. Identify your addiction and decide on the most appropriate method to use.

If you are addicted to smoking, and she doesn’t like the behavior, quit, and she is likely to take you back. Start by reducing the number of cigarettes you take each day and work towards stopping completely.

The same rule applies to alcoholics. Reduce the quantity and strive towards stopping completely(Alcoholics often need professional help like

Even so, some addiction behavior is hard to deal with using the reduction and elimination formula. Such behaviors are often characterized by workaholics and those addicted to the relationship.

If you are addicted to the relationship and keep fantasizing about your ex-girlfriend every time, applying the reduction and elimination formula will make you lose her completely.

However, you can apply a little reduction formula while using the ‘No Contact Rule’ to make her miss you. Give her time to reflect upon your relationship and approach her later for a reunion once she proves to be interested in the relationship once again.

Also, a workaholic needs to use different techniques to get his ex-girlfriend back. Remember, she left because you schedule more time for your work and forget about her existence.

Thus, it is imperative that you learn how to balance your work and the time she needs to be with you.

Strive towards doing all your tasks within the necessary timeline and set aside time for her even in her absence. Such a technique will allow you to learn how to schedule enough time for her once she is back into the relationship.

Some forms of addiction involving drugs may require you to visit a rehabilitation center to get professional help from therapists – Read about preventing and solving drug and alcohol addictions on


Try to Recover Her

be positive about solving addictings to win her backWhile trying to recover her, remember that she associates your addiction with much negativity. Thus, aim at approaching her once you have defeated your addiction.

In the recovery process, try as much as possible to show her the positive efforts you are making to ensure your addiction is solved completely.

For instance, if you are a drug addict, try explaining to her how your therapist is helping you cope up with life without substance abuse. You could even show her your rehabilitation report if you have one to indicate how serious you are about the issue.

If she left you because of your workaholic behavior, try as much as you can to show how you are scheduling time for her. Indicate to her how ready you are to schedule even more time for her once you are back together.

She will be interested in noticing the positive changes in your life before agreeing to make up with you. Use the opportunity wisely and make the most out of it.


Why follow these steps?

The above tips are good for you if you want to know how to get your ex-girlfriend back even with an addiction. This resource helps you in preparing your mind for recovery in the right way.

The tips are centered towards helping you defeat your addiction before trying to win her love back. She left because of your addiction, but that doesn’t mean that she hates you. Probably, she still loves you and will give in to your love if you decide to change.

Learn to give her more time, accept her feelings and ideas, and she will be willing to love you more than before, and this might be the way you get your ex-girlfriend to fall for you once more.



An addictive relationship can cause serious afflictions. Some people are murdered while others commit suicide due to addictive behavior in the relationship.

You don’t need to engage yourself in extreme contemplation once your girlfriend leaves you due to your addictive behavior.

The steps outlined in this resource will help you get over the situation and even win her love back in the simplest way possible.

Solve your addiction and you will experience genuine love from your ex-girlfriend. In fact, she will love you more genuinely than she had done before.

Take up the challenge and know that there is help available for your addiction.


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