The 5 How do You Flirt with a Girl Secrets

how you flirt with a girl by teasing

You want to attract and date girls but you are lost what to do? You might be wondering if flirting is right but how do you flirt with a girl then? You need some good flirting steps to proceed, so you can go out and talk with girls on the street, bars, dating or maybe even in high school depending on your age of course.

In this article you will learn these steps so you know the basic on flirting which you can use together with these clever ways to ask a girl out which you should read also. The good things about these flirtatious steps are, you can use them over text or on Facebook.



One of the best ways to flirt with girls is teasing.

You want to look for the chance of making fun of something she is doing in an innocent and sweet way. Don’t be mean and offend her in any way; what you want to do is make her smile because of something silly she just did because this will get her interest.

The flirting tricks are something you can learn, because basically when you know the tricks is just you being yourself.

Most guys think they know how to be fun/playful, but they don’t because there’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way – Click here to understand how you do it the right way


Tease Her Physically

If you are short of things to talk about with a girl you could start using physical teasing. This should probably not be done to a girl you first meet without you exchanged a few words. If you talk with the girl and she is telling you a story, you could start teasing in a childish way. However, remember she has to know you’re just teasing, otherwise you will just come off as a rude person and that is not the way how to tease a woman.


how do you flirt with a girl like this


Be playful

You should show a character when playing because girls like to play and they especially like guys who are playful. Such guys are the opposite; too many guys who are nervous and boring when dating. Playful means she will be relaxed and will let her guards down so she open up to you.


Let Her Guess

All girls, no matter if they want to admit it or not, love not knowing how you feel about them. If she knows all about you and where she has you, she will have no way of dreaming about you and no sexual tension is built between you. Push and pull is a powerful technique to build attraction towards the two of you and is very good to get her interest in the sexual way.



When she finds you fun and flirtatious you need to build the sexual tension even more. Why, because you don’t want to be stuck being just a funny guy, you want to be a funny sexy guy she want to be a naughty girl with. To build this sexual attraction so she thinks about sleeping with you means you need to build physical contact between you two.

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