How Dating and Traveling Lead to Fulfillment

How Dating and Traveling Lead to Fulfillment

Have you ever thought about dating women from another country? Have you ever thought about traveling the world with the goal to have as many adventures with amazing women as you can possibly experience?

I am convinced that a lot of men dream about a lifestyle that offers them an unlimited supply of breathtaking women and adventurous travel experiences that will make their life worth living. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of men have the courage to live their dreams.

It is really sad that the average man doesn’t have the necessary confidence to stop worrying what other people think of him and to do what he really wants to do. The average man wastes all his time in an unfulfilling job, watches up to five hours TV per day and is in a relationship with a girl who he wouldn’t even want to see naked if his life would depend on it.

Wake up!

Stop dreaming your life away and start living your dream. You can live and adventurous and fearless life and you can have amazing sexual experiences with women who are more beautiful than models on magazine covers.

All you have to do is to make a decision. Make the decision to become a global seducer and you will see how the combination of dating and traveling leads to fulfillment.

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Welcome to a World of Beauty

In case you are in a relationship at the moment I want to ask you a question that might make you a little bit uncomfortable.

Does your current girlfriend look like your dream girl?

From conversations I had with men and from my past I know that most men are in relationships with women who they would never describe as their dream girls. I would even go so far as to say that you have to break up with your girlfriend if she doesn’t look like your dream girl. In case you would leave her if Jennifer Lawrence would ask you to sleep with her, you shouldn’t be together with her.

Instead of wasting your time with girls who don’t make your heart thump you should start dating girls who make your heart beat faster than a techno song.

Where do you find those girls?

In case you live in the USA or in Western Europe you should definitely consider stepping over the border of your home country. I am sorry to say this but you won’t find the most beautiful women that this world has to offer in the West.

Go to Eastern Europe, travel to Asia and lose your heart in South America. If you have never been to those countries you simply won’t believe the beauty of the girls you will see there. I promise you that once you have tasted the global seduction lifestyle you will never want to go back to your old life.


Experiences are the Most Valuable Currency

Let’s say you have saved up some money. All you need in order to live the life of your dreams and to have adventures with amazing women are a few bucks. In fact, you can even have the time of your life while traveling for four weeks for under $1000 dollars, including the flight.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to live such a lifestyle. All you need is a ticket to Asia and a couple of hundred dollars for food an accommodation and you can live the lifestyle of Dan Bilzerian. It is really that simple.

Even though living your dreams is so damn easy, a lot of guys choose the socially accepted path. Instead of traveling the world and dating amazing girls they marry some fat chick and end up miserable. Instead of investing their money in experiences they invest it in a mortgage that they have to pay off until they die.

You can adhere to the rules of society and live an average life or you can start to travel, date, seduce and live the life you always dreamed of.


Your Culture Might Not Be Your Culture

Have you ever had the feeling that your culture might not be the right culture for you? Have you ever felt like a stranger in your own country?

I have those feelings every time I come back to my home country. Whenever I look in those sad faces, whenever I see those unhappy men with fat and unfriendly girlfriends who look as if suicide would be their only way out and whenever I see all those drunk and ignorant smartphone zombies I have those feelings.

During the time I traveled through South East Asia I realized that this is the culture I want to live in. I have never felt at home in my home country but the moment I landed in Bangkok I finally had the feeling of being at home.

I know it sounds strange but in case you always have the feeling that something just doesn’t feel right, you should try to live in other cultures, at least for a short amount of time. Maybe I am not the only person who was born in the wrong country and who was forced to date the wrong women.


The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

After you have traveled to exotic countries, seduced incredibly beautiful women and lived the fulfilling lifestyle of a global seducer you will come to a point where you realize something. After all the adventures you will realize that the grass is really greener on the other side.

I know that our society wants you to believe that it is wrong to travel the world to date beautiful foreign girls and that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Deep down you know that this is only a lie to keep you in the cage of marriage, mortgage and obedience.

Free yourself from a life that isn’t worth living and say “yes” to a fulfilled life of travel, women and adventures.


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