Guide to Staying in a Relationship While Being an Alpha Male

An alpha male is someone that is sure of himself and doesn’t generally struggle much in relationships. However, being so sure of yourself can at times cause some rift in relationships. Which is why some alpha males may struggle with relationships. We have some tips how you can stay an alpha male while also keep a strong relationship with your significant other.

Alpha Male

Abundance mentality

The difference between an alpha male and an average Joe is that an alpha male doesn’t just jump into a relationship because they need a girl because they can’t stand being alone. They rather pick a girl they want because they feel that she is right for them. This sort of defines the path of relationship for the alpha male from the start. This allows them to be less needy and focus more on keeping the relationship stronger in the sense that they don’t let the heart cloud too much of their decisions and judgment.

While abundance mentality is good to have, it can also hurt the relationship. It is important while you maintain your status as an alpha male that you ensure the girl feels like she is needed in the relationship. Don’t go overboard with it and become completely needy or obsessive but little instances of making her feel needed should be more than enough.

Have your own life

One thing about an alpha male that defines them is the fact that they have their own life. They don’t lose interest in their life, friends, hobbies, and what not as soon as they get a girl. They don’t really change as they start a relationship, giving up on their things to pick up things the girl likes so they can please them. For some relationships, this works well but at sometimes it doesn’t. As an alpha male, you need to keep a balance, don’t give up on the things you love and enjoy but also pick up a few things your better half likes. This allows you two to bond, heck, you can even get her into things you enjoy. Having your own life doesn’t mean keeping her out of it.

Many men allow the relationship to consume them. They are defined by their girlfriend and the relationship. An alpha male doesn’t let that happen which sort of allows the two to have a life together and apart also. This is actually a good thing for the relationship because they give each other space while also spend plenty time together.

Decision making

An alpha male is known to be the decision maker in a relationship. Most women like it when the guy is strong and decisive. However, with the time that is changing. Women like to make decisions also from time to time and like to feel heard. So it is important to maintain the balance. It won’t hurt your masculinity to allow her to make decisions from time to time like where to have dinner. If you feel that hurts your masculinity a way around it is knowing what she likes to eat and suggesting places you know she would enjoy. This allows the both of you to be part of the decision.

We know how important it is to keep your alpha-ness but at times you must sacrifice it just a little bit to stay in a relationship.


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