Good Night Text Messages to Send to a Girl

send her a sweet good night messageYou are on a hunting spree for a perfect soul mate and you have managed to get some contacts from a number of ladies. You may fancy them quite a bit or just want to have fun with. You are talking to them and you realize it’s time for texting the girls something interesting.

A good night text message strikes your posterior thoughts. You need to clear the air between you and the girl perhaps. Learn how not to be too pushy and take it cool, and do know about the 1 worst text messages to send a girl.

Here you get some sweet, mellow good night text messages to send a girl and you can use them both for your girlfriend or a girl you are seeing in a more loose relationship manner.


The Norm (Good Night)

This is the most widely used good night text message. It is precise, unattached and unhinged. This makes you a neutral and genuine person with no hidden intentions. It’s very easy for a girl to respond to this without feeling obliged to or tricked.

This good night text has passed the acid text and is very neutral. Send it to any girl that you like but you probably won’t get much sexual contact just by texting good night.


Tell Her Something Different

Good Night Text Messages With HumorThis is a creative way of sharing the unexpected emotions and stories. You can talk about a novel you read and drop a line from it to her. This shows interest and originality.

For example if you happen to have read fifty shades of grey, you can drop a line like ”try and be cool” then precede it with, ”Steel from fifty shades of grey tells herself”, ”good night”.


Good Night Text Messages With Humor

Hilarious jokes are usually appreciated and laughed at the most. You can be funny and interesting at the same time. Get her in a brighter mood before sleeping with a nasty, crooked joke. This is a nice way of changing her thoughts from someone who is just interested in her to someone who actually brings a smile to her face.

A joke could be anything from;”sleeping is a game for the dead, it’s amazing how people never consider taking coffins with them, yet we all join then during the dark hours every single day; who knows what we do during this hours(when dead asleep); we might as well be playing with them video games”.

Recap by just putting a goodnight text at the end.

This will definitely be responded to well and you don’t have to worry about what you can say next. You just closed the day with a sweet good night text message! She can even read through the joke and think about any video game and sexual fantasies are not excluded from these games!


Good Night Texts that are Fascinating and Luscious

Tell Her Something DifferentDo not send texts that denote you as a demanding, insecure, broken-hearted, delicate man. Only send texts that show how much of a cool man you are. Pushing her into reciprocating your texts will only make her dislike you and brand you as very desperate man.

Women only appreciate good night texts that are sweet and lovely. If you push the right buttons, then pulling interest out of her from good night messages will be a sure way to build sexual tension.


Be Ordinarily Factious and Inquisitive

You can use the current media trends in place. The internet is a genius tool that provides you with all the necessary information needed and the trivial sample questions to help you smirk up a big chunk of success in this area. The questions are meant to stimulate brainstorming on her end and create an impression that you are someone interested in knowledge, power for ignorance-free human beings and you are very well informed.

You can always create suspense that will make her constantly want to know the answers and more. This is accomplished by asking a trivia question and letting her know you will answer her the rest in the morning.

An example can be, “How many are in a baker’s zone?”

This will make her think about you during the night and get the urge to know more.


Use Poetic Diction in Your Good Night Texts

don't send confusing txt messages to her at bed timeA good night text with a bit of creativity in the prose is a fantastic way of finalizing the day and sending a lovely girl into dream land. The poetic text should context your theme; a good night sleeps, being lovely, romantic, funny and creative.

“The heart, a gadget that easily connects, logically via the Bluetooth of love to visible open-hearted, open-ended, compatible, available devices, goes to sleep every night, deeply-rooted with hopes and dreams for tomorrow, to establish one successful connection ”

Then finish up with a good night.

There are tons of ways to send good night texts to a girl. All you need to do is open up your inner intellect and follow your heart. The above is also meant to help you in attaining the goal of seducing the woman. However, if she is your girlfriend already you should remember to follow up with romantic good night text messages. Texting a girl the right way is important if you want to have any success with her.


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