3 Unique First Date Ideas for New Yorkers

Unique First Date Ideas for New YorkersHow many times have you gone out on the same old first date at the same old restaurant and asked the same old first-date questions? It gets pretty dull after awhile. But in a place like New York City, there is never a lack of something new to do. After all, it is the city that never sleeps. So when you’re planning a first date with your new love interest, skip the cliche dinner and a movie and instead, use your imagination to change things up a bit. Below are three ideas for a first date in New York.


Visit a (Bad) Psychic

Visiting a psychic can be a private and emotional experience for some; however, there are probably more phony psychics out there claiming to know the future than there are legitimate mediums. Even if you believe in psychic abilities, this date is about finding a fortune teller who is completely full of you-know-what and telling little white lies to see how far the BS will go. And in New York, there are a lot of phony clairvoyants just trying to make a buck. Sure, it’s pretty far outside the box for a first date, but have fun with it. When you pick up your date, tell her what you have in mind for the evening and together work out a plan to go along with whatever the psychic “knows” about you. Afterward, you’ll have plenty to talk and laugh about.


Get Theater Tickets

For lovers of musical theater, why not head down to Broadway? From classics like “The Color Purple” and “Jersey Boys” to newer shows like “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” and “The Book of Mormon,” there’s always something to see. Nowadays, most theaters have bars or in-seat service and allow guests to sip on wine, beer or cocktails while they watch the show. So if you’re not the biggest fan of theater, but your date is, throw a few back and chances are you’ll find things much more entertaining. But be careful not to have too many, as nothing will ruin a date faster than someone who gets sloppy drunk and needs a babysitter.


Take an Art Class

Not artistically inclined? Even better. This is an idea for those who don’t take themselves too seriously. Schedule a night for you and your date to mold and paint on pottery at a ceramics studio or check out a BYOB painting class where you will recreate famous works of art from artists like Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. The best part of attending one of these classes is that you will both be more focused on the social aspect than on artistic abilities. Creating in a social atmosphere “helps lower inhibitions . . . freeing them up to be more likely to talk to one another with less social awkwardness,” says David Gussak in an article on Psychology Today about first dates.

Dating is hard and it can be exhausting, especially when it’s the same thing over and over. Yet, we all continue to go on first dates with the hope that it will be the last one. Next time you’re working up the courage to ask someone out, go for the unique experience and, who knows, it may be what you’ve needed all along.

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