Eye Contact Methods to Build Attraction

use the Eye Contact Methods to Build Attraction

Eye contact is one of the fastest ways to build explosive sexual tension. Most men do eye contact wrong. A lot of men look at the woman’s entire face as they talk with her, unfocused. Act her face has been hidden and it’s simply her eyes. This is the safest way to go, because looking at her face hides your libido for the woman.

She however, won’t feel any sexual tension from you either and she’ll put you into the “pal’s zone” pretty fast. Instead, when you approach a lady, provide her a smile and look directly into her eyes. On the approach, you don’t even require to state anything. Simply check out her eyes and hold it. Look right into her eyes.

She’ll start laughing. Introduce yourself and take her hand. You have actually already revealed your incredible coolness and sexuality simply from your “eyes approach”.

Use these eye contact methods to build attraction in women.


The Eyes to Lips Strategy

Now right here’s the best ways to make the lady feel oddly horny. As you talk to her, keep a hardcore look in her eyes. Focus in on her eyes like a laser beam. Alternate your look in between her eyes and her lips.

Look at her eyes, and afterwards look at her lips, and do this again and again. As you take a look at her lips, think of those lips doing down on you and giving you a wet blow task. When the woman feels your sexual intent coming through your eyes, and you do not respond or waver, however simply hold it. That is extreme for the woman. She’s found a genuine man.

Females go nuts for that “swept away feeling”. They actually get wet on the area if you can hold it!

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What Guys Are Doing Incorrect

Another mistake men make, is they look to get eye contact from the girl. However, as the man, it’s your job to initiate eye contact with girls. That implies you approach women to say ‘hi’ whether they have actually offered you eye contact already or not!

Since the majority of girls will not offer you eye contact. you need to be the one to begin it. You identify the girl, you say ‘hi’, and you look into her eyes and to her lips, indifferent to how she responds. That’s what makes you attract attention as an attractive man and the great tips how you can pickup women.

Now that’s not a simple thing to do. If you don’t feel entitled to the lady, you’ll have trouble approaching her, let alone make strong eye contact. There’s no “wonder drug” or “routine” for making eye contact. It comes down to an Inner Game problem.


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