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If you’re looking for a way to get back with your ex then you have come to the right place for a review.

Here you can read my honest and unbiased Ex Factor Guide Review of the program which is written by Brad Browning. What you read in this review are the essential details you need to know if you decide or not decide to get a copy of the factor guide.

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Review: What Is Brad Browning’s Ex Factor Guide About?

Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning, who is also a certified counselor and have 10 years of experience helping couples fix their relationships, released this program for people who got dumped or split up by their ex. It doesn’t matter the reason, the guide covers all factors and different issues.

The factor guide will help with the right way on how to get your exgirlfriend back again by using different proven program which has been developed over the past 10 years. There is also counseling tactics in Brad’s step by step guide.

“Over 90% of all relationships can be salvaged… you just have to play your cards right.” — Brad Browning

According to Brad Browning, he has a 90% success rate of happy customers who left a positive review about getting their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back again. I have to admit his factor program does seem a bit more real compared to other getting your ex back programs out there.

Most of them seem quite equal to each other in most the reviews I have seen or tested, and somehow doesn’t give you the step by step roadmap how to do things like Ex Factor Guide. Many just tell you how you should do things which leave you asking the question “but how?”

This might not be what you normally read in an Ex Factor Guide Review, but don’t you often sit back with that question after reading how to do things or checked a review? I do.

Reading the first chapter for my review of the Factor Guide which by the way is very well written, makes it easy to see Brad knows what he is talking about. You can see he has the experience and knowledge for his “techniques” that will work for most men and women in most situations.

Many are left asking “but how to do it?” and “what if?” However, this factor review won’t leave you looking for answers.



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What I simply must include in this factor guide review is that the guide isn’t only showing you a few tricks how to manipulate your ex to them back with a few text and sweet words, but helping you getting the romance and attraction back into the new relationship. Most of the times this is what makes people brake up.

The guide is presented in a way that ensures desire in the ex’s head so they are the ones who want you as equally as you want them. That is a massive plus point for the guide and its one of the biggest elements to highlight in this review.

The philosophy helps you build a strong relationship as well as build on trust and romance so you not only get back together but hopefully get rid of the issues which made you break up. You never know, maybe you’ll both stick together forever. After all as Brad Browning says in the Factor program – there is no point in getting back together if you break up again soon.

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Review: What is included in the Ex Factor Guide?

Another thing I have to mention in this review is what’s included in the factor system.

The main thing is the 120 page e-book which is the step-by-step roadmap. There is also an audio course for people who hate to read or who like listen when they drive or taking a run. Besides the audio there is a video series which covers several in-depth topics and issues you don’t find in the main factor book. You even get two extra e-book bonuses in the Ex Factor Guide.

The first one is a fitness guide which can help you sculpt your body back into shape. This is an issue for many people as they let themselves go when they are in relationship. Attraction can vanish if people forget to stay sexy for their partner. An important thing you should pick up on by reading a review of another program is if you don’t like this way of doing fitness.

The second bonus is an e-book how to use the power of texting which can help getting back with your ex.



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What are the bad things about Ex Factor Guide?

First of all I have to say the main factor/bad thing about this system is there is no guarantee you can get your ex back no matter what you read. This program can only help guide you most of the way, but sometimes you ex did leave you for good. It happens and I simply have to include this important information in the review.

90% success rate is damn good but it does leave a 10% fail rate, so if you are not willing to implement what Brad are teaching you then don’t spend the few bucks the program cost. Another thing I particularly dislike about the program is the audio course is totally the same as the book. Maybe I’m greedy but had expected just a few more things in the audio than the book.

Everything is in English so if you are not particular good at English, then you might have a problem. Payments have to be credit card or PayPal, and it isn’t a problem for most of us. There are still a few countries out there that have a hard time getting material like this because their payment opportunities do lack credibility. On the most part however, it’s all good.


What Are The Good Things About Ex Factor Guide?

I don’t know Brad but I would like to, because he actually seems like a nice guy who cares about issues people have in relationship. I don’t know if this is a good thing, and it can seem quite dumb since I never did meet this guy, but I actually do find Brad a nice guy. Maybe I shouldn’t write it in this review but he seems for real.

The thing that makes me feel good about this program, is his material is easy to read and well written. He also seems like a guy with a lot of knowledge about this subject which makes the program easy to use because it is written in a very helpful advice style. You can sense it is well researched before putted into this good value proven system.

Besides you get all the tools and the roadmap in an easy step by step guide. You get some extra things in this program too which help in not only getting your ex back but also how to turn your life into a more fulfilling and romantic life. This helps in many ways especially when changing other people’s perception about you. For instance how to make you attractive to a lot of people again.



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My Opinion about Ex Factor?

Personally I don’t have relationship problems in my life, but going through this factor guide did make me think about changing some things. At times, I have taken my partner for granted and maybe also forgot a bit of the romance that is needed in a relationship and let this be a free tip from this review 🙂

Even the part with jealousy has me wonder how I do things in daily life. So even though I don’t have to get an ex back, the factor pdf has helped me in my present relationship. I might have been happy having this program many years ago when I did get dumped. This system could defiantly have made me getting that girl that dumped me, back again.

If there is a system that can help you reestablish attraction and love with your ex again, this is the one I would recommend spending a few buck on. The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there is a 2 months test drive before making the decision, and it is all handled through Clickbank who are the largest digital payment website with 100% security.

No matter what you do, I hope you liked my Ex Factor Guide Review and please do leave a comment.

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