Eat a Healthy Diet and get a Healthy Look

what is a healthy diet to eat for good looks?

How much does your diet affect your look? Some say if you eat blueberries it’ll boost your skin.  Others say you should drink vegetable juice, and you will seem fresher. Red wine is life-prolonging or so they say; these are all things the so-called experts say but which of them are true?

Is there some truth in what we read about cures and studies that promise beautiful skin and eternal youth? Unfortunately the answer is no. According to experts there is no real evidence found for a relationship between the diet you eat and how you look. So is there really nothing you can eat to get that fresh and healthy look?

What is Healthy and Unhealthy to Eat?

In a way it’s easier to answer if you turn the questions around: What should I eat to become and look unhealthy?


Eat a Healthy Diet and get a Healthy Look

What happens if you eat unhealthily or if eat the wrong amount? Many simply eat too much and become overweight and inactive and it means poor health, high blood pressure and diabetes. Sometimes, eating poorly reflects on the look of your skin. If you eat too little, as in the case of anorexia, then you also obviously get an unhealthy look to your skin as well as an unhealthy the system. You risk getting deficiency diseases.

On this background you can argue to look and be healthy you need to eat a healthy diet. The trick is to find the good, healthy and natural ingredients, consumed in the right amount make your body, skin and soul beautiful and healthy. So the good news is that if you want to look beautiful and lovely for as long as possible, then you should eat healthily as a healthy habit.

You also need to try and avoid stress, too much sun and excessive drinking. Excessive stress will take its toll as will getting too much sun. With alcohol, it can affect your skin negatively.

It has often been claimed that you get more pimples if you eat too much fatty foods, but is that a fact?


eat a healthy diet to benefit your looks

What is the Truth about Fatty Foods?

Fat is a simple substance the body needs for energy. It is a myth too much fatty food results in pimples; there is a very long distance from the intestines and all the way to the skin’s sebaceous glands. Some studies have been made to see if chocolate results in pimples but it has not be possible to get a clear answer, so there is no evidence to conclude this either.

You can absolutely “mistreat” your skin and yourself, and it will show in many ways. For a start, premature aging of the skin can occur and it is a sure fire sign the skin is suffering from the inside and not just the outside. Alcoholics who have severe problem lack zinc and that can cause rashes.

It’s very difficult to find out if a certain kind of food affects our skin. However, in order to find solid scientific evidence, raw material should be tested by thousands over six months or a year. The tests will need to ask people to eat tomatoes for a year and then see what then becomes of them – if they get some kind of abnormality. That is why it is to so difficult to test whether individual foods have an effect or not.

However, there are factors that have been proved essential for your skin. Things have become essential to keep the skin fresh and healthy for a long time:

  • Factors such as seasonal variations. There are differences to the skin in winter and summer. There are also differences with stress, sun and sleep as well as many other factors. Different factors contribute to the skin’s condition and it can be in a positive or negative way.
  • Faith Matters. The belief that you will look more beautiful if you eat or drink certain kinds of food actually matters. When it comes to cosmetics, they are 50 percent of placebo. Basically people are convinced they look more beautiful, when they use a particular cream.

All in all, the best advice is to eat healthily. You need a good and healthy diet, because good food is essential for us all.

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