8 Dating Myths About Women

know why women dress nice and sexy

You want to add sparkle into a woman’s life by luring her into appreciating you. It’s vital for you to understand the myths that lie between you and way of achieving your ideal soul mate’s dream. Many times you have managed to lure women into accepting dates with you, but maybe your overambitious attitude gets shot down by negative responses.

Most male species will not accept ever having been smashed down but in accordance to reality, this has always occurred. You need to treat women with courtesy and cherish but when you’re shot down, it slowly fades away. Hence you cannot be heartwarming and luscious to any woman. As a result, you are a red light and they run on the sight of you.

In a brief moment, I want to build a solid, dependable ground for you to start over by burning some dating myths about women which you can use as some great dating tips also.


It is Impossible to Understand Women

This is solid facts about women myth regarding to dating. It is a complete rip off to sway you away from your goal. Women just have different views towards situations and circumstances. As a result, women’s operational medulla oblongata towards the different scenarios presented to them is quite practicable from men. We can say women are more emotionally attached while men tend to be so detached and rational.

For instance, when a break-up happens, some women take longer periods to move on compared to men. Believing this kind of dating myth just indicates sluggishness and luck of assertiveness in men. No man should ever imagine in his wildest dreams, women are rocket science. They are as a matter of fact, just as easy as one, two, and three to be apprehended you just need to know the way women think and act.




Women Always Preach Water & Drink the Same

It is amazing how this is true, though hard to believe. The contradiction of the same can be witnessed in other female species, which don’t do what they say. This is a hard fact to admit and can only take guts for both male and female to admit to this.

Women learn a lot about romance from books at tender ages and stick an imagery of what it is all about. Wait until they grow up, this illusion changes with the advent of more erotic novels they read. This is practiced as they mature up.

However, for men to score with this dating myth, they need to learn from their women counterparts. The learning process is usually step by step. There is no rush in acquiring the best result. Slow but steady is the key here.




Your Dating Skills Can Never Get Better

This is not true as men only use this as an escape goat to keep branding women as ambiguous and incomprehensible. Men get just as lost and easily surrender when things get tough around them.

Women are used to hard drama-filled life. Men are laid back creatures who’d rather give up than use so much energy. Women struggle with so many issues in their daily life as compared to men. As a result, women acquire some survival instincts which also help them deal with men and make men misunderstand them.

You need to learn to fight such urges since they are meaningless. Instead, learn from this and sharpen your tools as you can never have enough skill to make you abandon the chase. Learning is a process and mining for more intellect in dating women is just another way of acquiring knowledge. It should never and will never terminate like some of the myths about women and men probably will exist forever also.


Alluring Women Point of View Matter & More Significant as Compared to Average Women

This myth is what should be termed as inconsiderate and unreasonable. Men tend to put in so much attention and care in women who were born on the right hand side of Mother Nature. Basically men fawn over women with spectacular looks. It’s tough competition but maybe you’ll make the best out of online dating.

This behavior demeans these men and makes them forget themselves and focus on “glamour”. No one can blame anyone for this kind of worship for this dating myth for men. Since currently, everyone seems to believe in superstars. Billions of dollars are spent in pursuit of making beauty come to life. Everyone now rushes for the lavish lives of the superstars.

The sooner men learn to brain wash this section of the brain from their neurons, the faster they can attract the right kind of women. There is no difference between a beautiful woman and an average woman, the only identifying factor is that one has had it pretty easy and the other has gone through a lot.

By this I mean the one has ability to easily draw attention from her looks while the other has to go a long way to be noticed. So, open your eyes and learn to look beyond the visible. You can only see what is on the cover and like it, how about if you open it? It could just turn out to be a very boring book you have ever read.




Women have to be earnestly Asked, Dodged & Fooled

This myth is absolutely against reality and one of the quite funny myths about women. When it comes to men, they tend to lack the controlling factor when it comes to lusting for women. Women can carry themselves around with great conservation of their lustful feelings.

Therefore men misjudge this to lack of interest in intimacy. Yet the reverse is very much true; women are just as interested in sex as men are. Women just tend to see the bigger picture in terms of whoever she is intimate with can be a good husband, father and companion.

Men think no further than the hit of the moment. Men are like those who eat just because they are hungry and nothing more. Tomorrow to them and anything that follows is not significant at such points in time. All you need to do is learn a new trait of how to glimpse her and you will be more than ready to go.

You really don’t need to struggle. They just want it as much as you do, they dream of it day and night. They even masturbate on the thoughts of you.

Change your perception and learn to take your time analyzing situations and when to strike. Sell when the demand is high and withhold when the demand is low.


Only the Handsome, Wealthy, Renown and Idiot Kind of Men Lure Luscious Women

Absolutely NOT! This myth only brings out the lineament of the attributes women look for in men. Definite truth is the sensation or feeling that comes with these attributes. The lucky ones who hold them by default don’t have the upper hand.

This is because you can make sure a woman feel something for them. Women only want to feel close to good looking handsome men. You can always make yourself look good using The Handsome Factor program and by nurturing your best features and uplifting your wardrobe. Get out of your old self and put on some trendy outfits; chances are, you will also like your new look.

Fame and wealth make women feel safe and satisfied within knowing that their needs can be met all the time. You can always work hard in what you do and ensure financial stability. Everyone has potential. Try to save up and put more effort in what you do and you will be richer.

Just like men, women love a challenge. Jerks or foolish men assert a challenge to women’s lives and they can do anything to feel they have crossed the very dangerous bridge. Appear unpredictable and interesting, women will love you.

All these are within your scope, make it happen.


the dating myths about women are bull

Women are Better Placed

This myth is one of those that are misplaced and are meaningless. Today’s men have been majorly influenced by what the tabloids say about anything and everything. This encompasses beliefs about what beauty is as well as who is beautiful and what men are all about.

Men have come to believe the below myths about themselves.

  • They Are Promiscuous.
  • They Are Just About The Lust Business.
  • They Are Monsters From Out Of This World, Who Only Tame To Hurt, Through Rape And Violence.
  • Against Peace And Serenity, Their Best Tools Are Weapons Of War And Death.
  • Sports and Pornography Is Their “Must Haves”.
  • Naturally Unappealing and Disgusting Species.

All the above and many more negative sayings about men have been broadcasted to the entire generation of the world. This is not true at all. Women also have a share of the hard rock to break. If anyone has ever had a chance to interact with women for a period of time, they’ll definitely know what I am talking about.

The truth is they are never any better than men. This myth needs to be dropped and understand women will be way easier than we can ever imagine. Go ahead, be the one to make a difference by getting rid of this crazy myth; whose notion is baseless and unusable.


Nice Men Easily Get Laid

This myth is not true at all. Only those who have been influenced by the never-ending media stories believe this.  The Hollywood culture has also played a role in showcasing these kinds of beliefs.

This myth doesn’t work and can only brood fury and disappointment in men lives. Face reality and make a point of learning about how women think and react to things and delete the myths about women from your mind. This will help you tremendously in finding your true partner.

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