4 Secrets to Date Women on Facebook

you could date hot women on facebook

You use it, I use it – everybody seems to use it…


So why not use it to date women on Facebook? It is easy to meet women on Facebook but you need to learn how to because so many people are doing it completely wrong.

Check out these 4 easy dating tips to date any woman on Facebook so you learn to do it the right way.


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Step 1 

Find and connect with people who you are not interested in dating, and more importantly build relationships with the people who have a lot of cute girlfriends. The most important thing to remember is that Facebook is not an online dating site, so don’t act like it’s by sending out invites and emails and hope that the numbers will strike your luck.

Spamming is illegal on Facebook so think about making friends first otherwise you might as well try to date women on msn or Skype. You can multiple your results and increase connections by meeting people who know more people. This is a long term project and not something you do over night and by doing this, you increase the chance of dating women more naturally.


Step 2 

You connect with women that you like indirectly. What you need to do is to send a friend request with a message “Hey we are both friends with Matt and I noticed you like skiing too – Ever go to XXX for skiing?”

date women on facebook

In this way you leave a message inside your friend request, and for her to answer the question, she needs to add you. From my experience of Facebook, getting people to add you is one of the easiest things ever, because most people measure their social status by how many “friends” they have on their list, and not many people actually push the reject button, not the single women either.


Step 3 

There is a massive potential on Facebook if you want to take advantage of it (until g+ or something else takes over). You can add all kinds of applications like gifts, polls, games and surveys but one of the best tools for you would be the group function. You can create any group you like, but for your way to pick up women you probably want to avoid geek stuff or sexual related stuff.

You should start something which women find interesting. You could try passions or something in your local area that women can relate to. This way you can build relationships with women in your local area fast. All you need to do is invite them and this is a quite easy way to meet and date women on Facebook.

Step 4 

Facebook is a virtual tool. Nothing really exists anywhere besides online so you need to bring any relationships into real life. You could arrange a happy hour at the local club, or if you made a skiing group in your local area, arrange for the group to go skiing together.

You need to bring things into the real world if you want to make the best out of online dating. If you want tips on how to be a natural man who knows how to get a woman, you should sign up below and receive 2 of best books packed with free top class knowledge how to attract, flirt and seduce women the right way.

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