The Cute Texts to Send to a Girl

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Maybe you recently met this cute girl that your heart seems to skip a beat every time you think of her? It could also be a girl that you are already in a relationship with or at the verge of dating. Her reciprocating response to your interest seems positive and portrays same passion.

However, you don’t know how to break this hard, cold, rock of ice between you? You have a smart phone and basically sending her a cute text is one very big step towards your winning her over. The primary milestone is how to initialize, embody and divulge the cute text since you are not very sure about what her stance towards you is.

The certainty she might be interested in you might just be blown away into a shattered dream if you don’t put this cute text in a timely, fashionable and breathtaking manor. She could have mixed reactions towards you, and your cute text, depending on how you convey it. You barely know each other and the notion of how to construct this cute text should be your key priority.

Below are some simple but effective ways to send cute texts.


Sending Simple, Funny Jokes

Sending her jokes is a very humorous way of not only initiating a conversation but also bringing a smile onto her face. She will be at ease conversing with you as great moods are fastened by great sense of humor.

She will often be willing to get into a conversation with you. Why because she will consider you as a funny individual who brings laughter to life at any time. Therefore, this is a really good way of starting the day.




Picture Luring

Pictures are very strong communication tools. They are sensual when used in the right way and taken with adequately great quality resolution. Most smart phones have amazing capabilities of capturing moments that are fascinatingly breathtaking to allow someone to send cute imagery texts.

You can take photos of where you recently visited, an amazing encounter with an image, object, funny writing on the streets or any other unusual bump-in. Sending pictures of this nature is a natural communication starter and it will keep you conversing about the picture, hence opening medium for you to share a lot.



cute texts to sendt to a girl

Use of Note-pads in Noisy Places

Clubs can be very destructive especially when you are interested in chatting with a girl. Smart phones come in handy at this juncture with their numerous fixtures and applications. Notepads are easy to use and results are usually outrageous if the girl is willing to correspond.

This does work wonders as long as you don’t break yourself up like an emotional freak and a demanding paranoia. It works miracles as it usually allows one to express cute texts in a way that can be considered as genuine as compared to normal texts.


Hint Your Interest to go With Her to Places for a Date

This is also a very sure way of getting her to jump into your dream bus with you. Sending her updates of the places you’ve been to and what you like about the place is good. She is definitely going to tag along because you will get her thinking you are interested in planning dates with her.

At this point, you will firmly know if she is into you or not.

Dialogue that yields a positive reaction means you have a date. The reverse is a red flag and it could be an indicator for you to put your energy somewhere else.


Overextended Role Play

This technique is one that allows you use her reactions, comments and insinuations to your own advantage. You can take a story she told and make a mountain out of it. You should be careful not to sound like a big baby.

Make it big and a concern to you; sugar coat it with funny bits. It will take her to a soap opera world thinking she has met a prince charming who pays attention to her small details and is keen to every detail. Sure enough, there are so many different ways of getting to the city.

One can take a train, bus, drive themselves or even take a plane. This case is the same as there are zero rules written on how to make and send cute texts to a girl. The good news is, you can always take a chance and learn something new, your destiny is in your hands.

Like they say experience is the best teacher.  With great potential, these cute texts to girl ideas are meant to be of great help to you.

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