One of the Best Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out

the puzzles will show the best creative ways to ask a girl out

Do you lack creative ways to ask a girl out? Do you find yourself sitting and daydreaming about the nice girl you talked to which you find very sweet, sexy? The question is “How to ask her out and it should be fun? I might want to ask a girl out on Facebook instead?”

This question is rather intimidating to most of us. Why because when you take the step of asking a girl out, you’re risking the chance of experience failure by rejection from a woman. The answer is rather simple, stop asking women out.

Now you probably wonder how the hell is stop asking women out, going to help you on finding the most creative ways to ask someone out? However consider the question a bit and put yourself in the woman place before you consider the old fashion movie dinner idea.

You are starting a sequence of things in the woman’s head like “he is into me and that maybe means a lot of texting, dates, weird awkward moments with kisses and sex, and then breakup. I better not do all that.” Besides the questions that pop into her head, she also needs to figure out if she is attracted to you the very second you ask her out.

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Most women don’t want to lead men on, but at the same time and who can blame them, women don’t know if they are romantic interested. She probably says yes just to figure it out, but that is only when you warm her up. Popping the question right away is going to give you a no, because nobody wants to buy anything without a test drive first. So unless you look like Brad Pitt then be patient and don’t rely on the luck factor or because you think it is one of the cute ways to ask a girl out.


you need to try to be creative in asking girls out


What to Do?

When dating women, what should you do? To be honest, it doesn’t have to be complicated because what would be most interesting? A movie and dinner that lack creativity or originality, put her into the pain of dealing with a boring stiff conversation.

You attempt to figure out if you should kiss her or not. I’m not even going to mention going on a date at the movie where you can’t talk is not the one of the clever ways to ask a girl out. Why because without talking you can’t bond together, and if you can’t bond with her to build attraction? If you want to watch a movie, do it with your friends.

This will be more interesting than a movie and dinner. Go out to have fun in a neutral place that both of you can leave whenever you like without the pressure of feeling you need to stay. Which of the two options sounds most appealing to you?

When you say option two, you can be sure a woman would like that. Option B also leaves the mystery in the woman’s head about you because a movie and dinner leaves nothing to her fantasy. Everybody knows what it’s about, but take her out doing something fun, relaxing without pressure, that could mean anything and women love a mystery.

It might not sound like the romantic ways to ask a girl out to you but it’s probably one of the best creative ways to ask a girl on a date if you want to do it right.


surfing is really a creative way to ask her out


Cool Ways to Ask a Girl Out on the Spot

If you just ran into the woman, then go for it and see if she has a little time for tea at the local café. It is relaxing and there is no pressure. You can build some rapport by being a fun guy. Just use a little time to show you’re a cool relaxed, funny guy, and the rest can come later.

If she says no, then you get her number or email address and most of the times you actually will get it. Sometimes a woman won’t give it out to you, since you’re a total stranger she has just met. In that case you need to tease her to reassure her about you not being a crazy man who is testing creative ways to propose, but somebody she can trust.

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If she say something like “I don’t give out my number”, you reply “it’s cool, I just need to leave a million messages on your answer machine. Come on write it down”. That way you make her feel a bit dumb she doubted you and teasing usually makes people forget about their weird trust issues. This is a one of the creative ways you could ask a girl out.

Give her a paper and a pen and don’t look her in the eyes, and don’t speak at all. Instead just wait while she writes the number down. Normally she writes it down, but it can take some time, so you need to be patient about the rather uncomfortable silence while she needs to figure out if you’re an alpha male with confidence or the opposite. If you start reassuring her with reasons to give you the number, you’re blowing it, so be cool and wait.

When you get the number all you need to do is call her and invite her for a cup of coffee or tea. You might think sounds boring but going for a cup of tea or coffee is relaxing and doesn’t invite pressure. You can talk and if you’re bored you can get up and leave. It’s a bit harder leaving if you’re waiting for dinner or watching 2 hours of a boring movie.

This might not be the best ways to ask a girl out, but it’s one of the best creative ways to ask a girl out which will bring you success every time you do it.

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