Compression Shirts Gives You Instant 6 Packs

Compression gear is the hottest functional clothing on the market today; with good reasons why. If you need to quickly define your muscles, look toner and more fit, grab a compression shirt. The right-sized compression shirt gives you an instant 6 pack!

How does this work?

The function of a compression shirt embodies many different areas. Typically made of Lycra or Spandex, these shirts are meant to be worn tight against the skin.

The construction of compression shirts is carefully engineered specifically to tuck and lift certain parts of the body. If you have unwanted fat areas to hide, one of these type shirts are going to take your body to the next level.

The added bonus is compression shirts are designed to offer full core support. If you are new to this functional clothing idea, consider checking out which explain all the benefits of wearing compression clothing. There is much to be learned.

Compression Shirts Gives You Instant 6 Packs

Jumping right in

If you are ready to jump right in today and try a compression shirt which gives you an instant 6 pack than pick up the Papi Collection of compression shirts. The Papi Six Pack collection consists of a tank top, and a V-neck T-Shirt.

They are a high demand compression item because the fabric is 83 % cotton and 17% spandex which create the perfect formula for the proper amount of compression.

The Papi brand’s design team went through endless trials and fittings to find the most comfortable, but effective compression undergarment. You will notice the difference in your appearance as soon as you put it on. The support of the shirt will give you a slimmer and more fit appearance. It is also a confidence booster.

The physiological affect cannot be undermined in any sense with compression clothing.  At first, you might be hesitant to put on a tight, super-snug shirt, especially if you do have problem areas of unwanted fat. Men can be just as self-conscious as women when it comes to tight clothes.

Some even cringe at the idea of an undergarment perpetuating the situation. Don’t hesitate to try this.  Compression shirts will smooth and tuck and hide every little part which needs to fit.   The very next thing to happen is your confidence soaring.

Also to think about is embodied cognition which is the science of how we think about ourselves and others wearing certain types of clothes. When we put on different clothing, we are ready to take on the ‘role’ associated with those specific clothes, and it affects our abilities.  

Compression gear holds the ability to pump people up and get them charged to perform activities better. They also feel good in this ‘role’. Functional clothing is meant to provide numerous benefits for the body.

Another in demand compression shirt to consider is specifically called “Insta Slim”. These are the original designers of a slimming t-shirt line for men. This 6 pack V-neck t-shirts will make you look up to 5 inches less instantly.  This is what you can look forward to with the original “Insta Slim” compression shirts:

  • Slim your body instantly
  • Firm and tone your upper torso
  • Support your lower back
  • Eliminate love handles and slim belly
  • Improve your posture

They are quite different than the popular Papi Six Pack collection because these compression shirts are made of a special blend of 80% nylon, and 20% spandex fibers, comfortable enough to wear every day.

When you are shopping for six pack compression shirts, be careful to read what is included. Some compression shirts advertise the sought after ‘six pack’ look, while others are actually selling you a six pack of shirts, as in quantity. Many guys have expressed this in reviews of their purchase.

For instance, Papi sends you one, Insta-Slim sends you a traveling pack of six shirts. As long as you are aware of the word-play at hand, you still are going to be happily surprised by the compression undergarment you buy. There is a high probability that you will have many of these confidence boosters as a daily part of your wardrobe.

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