The 3 Best Clever Ways to Ask a Girl Out

use a clever way to ask this girl out

Don’t you have success with dating and wondering about clever ways to ask a girl out? Maybe the reason of your failed success could be that you are making the same mistakes over and over again? Usual guys do the same dating mistakes with women, like thinking because a girl says “hi” to him, he is almost home free.

He may stumble over words trying to say something smart for asking the girl out. This might be in high school or at the job and he says something like, “I was wondering if you want to go out with me on Friday to the cinema and dinner?”

Basically we are raised to think this is the best way to ask somebody out from old boring television movies. However, what those movies don’t really tell you is that unless the girl actually knows the guy, this particular technique for asking a girl out really doesn’t work. It doesn’t bother most unless she actually knows the guy and like him in some way.

There are great ways to ask a girl out. There are even cleverer ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, but let concentrate on the 3 best clever ways to ask a girl on a date. The following 3 ways presented to you are actually good ways to get her phone number compared to the traditional way of doing things.

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1 – Direct Approach

This is a direct approach to get a girls phone number. You basically walk up to the girl and say, “Hi, sorry but I’m in a hurry because I need to meet my nephew. However I would hate it and probably bang my head to the wall tonight if I don’t ask for your phone number.”

I know it’s a direct way to just walk up and say this, and you are going to get a lot of rejections probably, but trust me when I say most girls will admire you for being very brave and give you a pleasant rejection with a smile. The point of doing this, it’s not really getting phone numbers but getting over the awkwardness of asking a girl out.

You get a lot of confidence by doing this. You can try to do it at least 2-4 times a week, and even though I wrote you get a lot of rejections, the point is not to get phone numbers. You will probably be surprised how many girls who will give you their number.



 2 – Ask Without Asking

This one is used when you have a conversation with a girl you just meet. After a short while you say something like, “I’m actually in a hurry at the moment because I’m on my way to meet my nephew, but I like to talk to you again later.”

Open your address book on your phone number so it is ready to type in a new contact, and hand her your phone. She knows what to do, and the best part is you don’t have to ask her to give you her number. This one could be used smoothly if you need to find clever ways to ask a girl to a dance or prom. It can be used in most situations and it works like a charm.


3 – Ask for the Date Right Way

This one won’t give you a 100% conversation rate maybe not even 50% but when you get a winner, you know she is ready to go on a date. Getting the phone number doesn’t always guarantee the girl will actually go on a date when you phone her or ask through texting.

So instead of the number you say something like, “Hey I’m late for meeting my nephew so I really got to run now, but what are you doing on ___?” If she is free this particular day then say, “Great – give me your phone number in case something interferes with the schedule”.

The 3 clever ways to ask a girl out mentioned will work for you, but only if you go out there in real life and try them out on random girls instead of just looking. Life is way too short to stay in the comfort zone forever.

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