Attraction, a phenomenon that has existed from the beginning of the universe, a constant for all species of animals. It is the power or quality of delighting or fascinating others, with the main aim of getting into a relationship with the person you desire. The burden of attracting mostly falls on males because as nature has it, it is the males that have to pursue the females, again a constant across most species.

With regards to this, men have adopted numerous ways of trying to attract females, from spending lavishly on them to working out and getting perfect bodies in order to entice them. We have even heard crazy stories of some men going to the extremes of physically hurting and torturing themselves all in a bid to attract a woman. It is evident that men have used numerous methods to try and entice women but can ignoring a woman actually be beneficial in attracting her?

1. They’re used to attention. Give them something different.

Women, especially beautiful ones are used to having the world at their feet, literally. They get numerous proposals from men each and every single day. Statistics say that the average woman has at least three men pursuing her each and every day. Stop a random woman and ask what a man has offered to do for her just to entice her and you’ll be surprised. With that being said, being good to a woman and offering her the finer things in life probably will not get you anywhere because it is what they are used to. Instead, ignoring her will most likely do the trick, and it works in several situations too.

2. Ignoring her makes her insecure

While all men will be falling at her feet, offering her the world, you, who is not paying attention will get her worked up, asking herself why you are treating her different. She will be shocked that there is actually a person out there that doesn’t think she is beautiful and this will in turn get her to notice you especially in a set up where you interact with the same group of people every single day such as an office or school. That is the first win for you. From there on it is up to the man to act accordingly and appropriately to get the woman to fall for him.

3. Get your ex back

Ignoring her can also work when you want to get back a woman that has broken up with you.  When a girl is the one who broke up with you, chasing her will only drive her away more as it would make you look desperate thus making her feel uncomfortable. So ignoring her by cutting all communications will give her the space to miss you and they will tend to wonder about you with your precious moments together. Once her feelings of realization has reached the threshold that she still wants you, she will reach out to you.

4. Makes her see your worth

Ignoring can as well work when you’re in a relationship and she is being cold on you. If a girl you’re dating or someone you like is not enthusiastic in giving you her attention anymore like before and it’s not because she’s mad at you, then it’s because you’ve become needy or clingy by showering her attention so much that it starts to annoy her. So if that’s the case, you can back off and ignore her by not giving her your attention anymore. When she senses that you are not into her anymore and she still has a bit of interest in you then she will make an effort on getting your attention.

When ignoring a girl can backfire on you

When ignoring a girl can backfire on you

Even though we have clearly seen that ignoring her definitely does work in attracting her, there are several down sides to using this method. Firstly, it varies from person to person. You might find that ignoring a girl accomplishes nothing but pissing her off. Every female is different and what works for one might not necessarily work for the other. So it is upon you to gauge the type of girl you are pursuing.

Secondly, it is not a suitable method to attract someone you know might already care about you. Remember that you are essentially messing with her emotions, and there is always room for it to backfire.

Ignoring her may also not be beneficial when she makes an effort to talk to you then you ignore her. No need of further explanation here. Obviously, it will piss her off on how a rude selfish individual you are. This method will also fail to work when you keep on ignoring her again and again. Let’s say you ignore her the first time and it didn’t piss her off yet for some reason. When she tries to grab your attention then you ignore her again because she won’t know what you’re thinking then it’s game over, you will never get her attention again.

All in all, ignoring is a method that definitely works and not only for girls but for all human beings. This is a fact. It is however not the best method to go for because people do not like their feelings hurt and especially girls. Below are the sentiments of a female on the topic;

’We, as females, are not supposed to chase guys. It’s the other way around. Guys are supposed to be the hunters, the breadwinners. Girls are the gatherers and nurturers. It’s in our nature. It’s who we are as humans.

That said, let me tell you the consequences in ignoring a girl solely for the purpose of gaining her attention:

She’s not going to chase you, dude. No matter what you do, she will expect you to go up to her with the first move. Sure, she’ll seek you out and everything, but once she sees you ignoring her, she’ll keep her distance. Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. Girls are sensitive creatures just by nature. And it hurts when someone ignores us. It really hurts. So when you hurt us, we won’t want anything to do with you.

We think you don’t like us anymore, not even as a friend. We think you want nothing to do with us, so we respect that and back off. If she really liked you, she’ll probably go to her room and curl up in a ball to cry for a while. She’ll be heartbroken. If she didn’t like you, she’ll still be hurt, but not as much. But just because she’s not hurt as much doesn’t mean she won’t ignore you, too.’’

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