How to Build Sexual Tension with a Girl

Something every guy wants to know how to build sexual tension with a girl. This is a key element in getting a girl to like you. It’s also a great way to continue a relationship with a girl. The last thing you want is for a flame to go out, keeping a relationship that is sexual and engaging is the best thing for every ones relationship. Below I am going to talk about a couple ways to build up the sexual tension between you and the girl you want to be with.

Build Sexual Tension with a Girl

Talk dirty. Talk perverse, but do not get nasty. This is one of the more delicate things you want to do with a girl. Before this is to happen you must know the girls likes and dislikes, the last thing you want to do is say something that will make her feel like she is going to be used, start off slow and work your way from there.

Smell: Pheromones execute an important party in sexual attraction. I’m sure you can remember a few instances when you caught the delicious scent of a body you were highly attracted to. I’m about to share a neat trick for all you guys out there. Once you find the correct cologne for yourself what you will want to do is put a little bit on the neck behind your ear, that way when you lean in and talk to a girl once of the first things she will do is realize how nice you smell and that can be one of the most attractive things to a girl and make her feel a strong sexual tension for you.

The longer you keep the sexual intensity a secret, the more you can build the sexual tension. This is something that is for the guys out there who don’t want to fully settle down. Keeping things between you and a girl secret can be one of the strongest sexual tension feelings ever. For reasons unknown women for the most part will want to meet up more and will have a better time if you do it in secret. Once the whole world knows your together things start to slow down and people get complacent, so keeping it a secret can create the sexual tension you desire.

Tease her in a respectable yet sexual way. Joking around sexually can be arousing let her know what you would do to her if you got the chance to have a romantic night out, this will make her imagination go wild and buildup a sexual tension in her head of what you two would do together. This will always keep her interested. Touching is very diverse when it comes to dating: you can use different techniques to advance sexual elasticity, or you can equitable ruin the situation and abstain from contingence all in all.

A woman doesn’t want a man who is over-awed by her and simply can’t manage to keep his shit together. You must be in control of yourself. Puffing your chest out and trying to brag about yourself isn’t the way to go, don’t compliment her or show her off more then you should, once this happens she may start to think that she is actually better then you. Keep things casual and slowly build up to bigger compliments, this will keep the sexual tension between the two of you for a long time.

Sneaky eye contact, making seductive glances towards a girl can go a long way, but one thing you should keep in mind is not to stare too much or she will think you are being kind of creepy, small glances every once and a while will keep her feeling like she is worth it, that will create a small sexual tension between the two of you, once this has happened you can start to make stronger advances with confidence.

Show yourself off. Look for ways to show off your foxy assets, be it your enchantment or your physique. Now this will work only if she’s already sexually draw to you, so make stable you’ve zealous her up first with the old moves. What you don’t want to do is make things all about you. You know what you are good at, make sure she sees you doing these things, a girl loves a man who is confident.

You now know how to create sexual tension. By combining all of these techniques and manners together, you will no doubt get her hot and bothered and can’t wait to have her go out with you. Maintaining strong eye brush while culmination the distance and slowing your speech down and inserting pauses, will subconsciously cause her to feel seduced. Remember just be confident and stick to what you know. Don’t try to go to far out of your element. Now go out there and find the girl you’ve been looking for and get that sexual tension going between the two of you.

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