Best Ways to Ask a Girl Out? Start Avoiding These Text Mistakes

use laughter as a way to ask her out

I bet you really would like to get the best ways to ask a girl out? Most would love hitting on all the girls and women you come across right but you just don’t know how to start and what to do?

First of all you need to approach a woman, get her phone number so you can keep contact with her. Men need to bring the attraction so she will find you interesting compared to all the other guys out there. When you finally get the number, call or text.

After texting with you back and forth she suddenly stops sending texts, does this happen? She may seem bored with you but the reason why could be because you’ve made the classic texting mistake most men do.

Read this article and know the text mistakes you should avoid. Once you know them, you could start working on creative ways to ask a girl out.


Just Because You Had a Response It Doesn’t Mean She Is Attracted

A classic mistake, men can do when approaching women is believe a response on a text means she is interested. Women think differently from men and it means you have to be a bit smart when you start asking out a girl.

If you haven’t dated the girl yet and if she is hot, she is probably texting other guys because she doesn’t know you yet. How could she, you’ve texted her a couple of times. So you need to establish the attraction and also a way how to tell if a girl likes you.

When trying to establish the attraction, a lot of guys are texting back and forth with a million text messages. That is destroying the attraction I’m afraid.

What you should do is use few words to say a lot:

  • What do you feel?
  • What do you want to say?
  • How do you want to say it?

Answer those questions and then write a short without nonsense messages like “How are you?” “Do you like the weather” The best ways to ask a girl out via text must be short and to the point creating attraction messages.




You Are No Fun

If you are sending boring messages without any personality or trying to spark emotions in her, then she is going to put you in the boring category. “Hi XXX I liked to see you yesterday”. Stuff like this is pointless and it sounds needy, and what emotions are you touching by that?

Another example is the interviewing style which also leads to nowhere besides she is going to be bored like hell. What you should do is be her fun guy she thinks of during her daily boring routine. The fun sexy guy knows how to approach a woman and makes her smile and daydream and it all starts with a fun text message.


You Don’t Have a Unique Style

Most women especially hot women have opportunities regarding dates and sex. If you find a woman sexy, attractive, and fun, you can be damn sure another guy thinks the same. If the woman is really sexy then she is having a lot of guys hitting on her.

So you have competition but sometimes when it comes down to approaching women, you need to stand out from the crowd with a unique style. When the woman receives a text from you, she needs to know the particular text is yours from the style no matter what number you send from.

So you need to figure what your style is. What phrases and words is your style?

For instance give her a teasing nickname, be flirting, and make small sexual teasing hints without really saying anything about sex. You need to find come off as a guy that knows a way to wake emotions in her and get her full attention.

Read my article How to Text Women Mistakes, and you should turn into a real text magnet who knows how to get the girls.


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