Best Way to Shave? This is the Right Way

are you looking for the best way to shave

If you’ve ended up here, you probably already know shaving can be a big pain in the backside! However, it doesn’t matter if you’ve shaved your head before or just starting, you want to find the best way to handle shaving.

You use approx. 60 hours each year on shaving yourself so why don’t you get the best way to shave since it is such a big part of your daily life. While a shave can be expensive, it’s a onetime investment but the biggest problem with a shaver is the fact it can be a pain in the ass for your face when you shave.

A razor is likely to be just as expensive as a shaver but wet shaving is the best alternative because it gives a good and sooth result. You need to get the best way to shave your head.

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Getting Burns and Bumps When You Shave?

A razor which isn’t sharp gives razor burns and bumps simply because razors are made from low-grade stainless steel. Even a company like Gillette has its products designed to lose sharpness quite quickly, even with their huge marketing budget. Logically you need to buy a new one from them and it can be quite costly.

When the razor drags against the skin, it loses sharpness and when it does, it can irritate your skin. Irritation is not the only problem with dull razors but swelling and in the worst possible case, cause ingrown hair problems too.

You shouldn’t use a product that drags on your skin and that is why you need to make sure you clean your razor with hot water and shake it dry. Leave it with the blades upwards so the water that is leftover drain away from the cutting edges – this is best way to handle your equipment after your done with the shave.



best way to shave is a sharp razor without water


To keep your razor sharp use Razorpit or similar products. They can be a good option to consider.

What Razorpit say themselves about their product:

RazorPit is the world best razor blade sharpener. Using simple and patented technology it cleans and sharpens your razor blades, making them last on average 6 times longer.

It works by lubricate after the shave with a thin layer of cream product. You place the razor blade on the surface of the Razorpit; push the razor forward and using the entire surface with a light pressure. You do this 4-5 times after shaving and rinse the Razorpit with warm water.

Besides you get a sharp razorblade you save quite a lot of money because your razorblades will last 10 time longer than when you’re not using Razorpit and this could be the best way to save money because no matter what, you always need to shave at some point.

If you are the type that don’t like to shave just like me, you should invest in a hair trimmer and use it before you make a wet shaving with your razorblade.

Besides using a good razorblade for your shave and save money the best way by using a product to keep them sharpen you need to use a proper cream because without is like walking a line without safety.



Best Shaving Cream Products for Your Shave

Unless you are John Wayne, you need to use a good cream because water, soap and a razor is a very bad combo for your face and neck. If you’ve tried using regular soap, and I’m probably not the only man who have been in front of the mirror and realized my Gillette cream can was empty so the alternative was the soap from the bathroom. That is not a very pleasant way to shave and it can be very painful.

There are a lot of products to choose from and the one you should consider using should depend on the type of skin you have as well as taste and personality. Of course, you can choose between foam, gel, creams, oils and soap (not regular soap for hands) and the purpose of these products are the same which is creating a glide path between the razor and your face so you don’t damage your skin.

Foam: It can dry out your skin so if you have sensitive skin this is probably not a product you should use.

Gel: This provides a slippery slope with high humidity over your face. Some of the gels are transparent so you can follow your skin, and if you have a sensitive face like me, then gel might be the product for you.

Cream: Most people, even barbershops prefer creams before a shave because it is the best solution in general. When you shave, the proper item to should use is a brush.

Oil: This is a cheap product which haven’t been particular popular to use in general back in the days. There isn’t a lot to say besides it is good for sensitive skin and very economical to use.

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Now you need to follow the proper way how to perform the shave because the tasks you need to do are like night and day.


best shaving task are like yeng and yang


The Best way to Shave

Soap: This is not the soap for your hands which I mentioned earlier, this is a moisturizing soap designed to provide foam for the face. You should use a brush to apply the soap and prepare your face for shaving.

There are many good soaps for shaving but before you apply you must remember to wash your face. Use warm water and a gentle facial wash too so that your face gets warm and you are able to open the pores. After you washed your face, you apply the gel, cream or oil and start your shave.

When you finished the shaving you need to wash away all traces of shaving products on your skin and to close the pores you need to use cold water. Lightly dry your face with a towel and it important to do it lightly because the skin is very sensitive after your shaving. Don’t rub your face because it could cause irritations.

Apply aftershave lotion; this may sting but it shouldn’t be too painful and only lasts a few seconds. Aftershave lotion is important because shaving damages the skin and using the lotion helps to cleanse them. The aftershave lotion will fix these small cuts and renew your skin. If you have sensitive skin you need to find a product without alcohol like Gillette Series Balm which is great for sensitive skin. Alcohol based aftershave products can be very painful.


If you suffer from Shaving bumps and Burn

I have personally always hated shaving because the bumps and burns from shaving are simply annoying. However, you always have to use a sharp razor blade, wash the face before using the gel as well as using Gillette series Balm.

If you have very sensitive skin you could benefit by investing in Tend skin Lotion which should eliminate the red bumps in a very short time. However, check out their site and be the judge yourself. Everyone will have their own opinion over the products they use so if you aren’t sure about one, check out more a little closely but you can use whichever you want.

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